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TPO antibodies, selenium and our autoimmune system

My last test showed TPO antibodies as 1300 (range 0-79?). I didn't do anything at the time 'cos I was dealing with parent health stuff. Anyway - I have now ordered Selenium - only 100 mcg(?) as I don't wish to dive in too quickly. However, I have had two head colds in as many weeks and am wondering how autoimmune thyroiditis links in with the rest of our immune system? This latest head cold is particularly virulent and GP won't give me ab's unless I still have a problem next monday - when I can take these bugs into the surgery and 'share it!' Does anyone else have any experience of high TPO antibodies and being susceptible to virus'?? The only things that have changed recently is that my Levo went up from 75 -100 mcg and that I have been going to the gym twice a week. Mmm any thoughts of gym air conditioning? Thx

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There is a lot going around at the moment. I have had two sinus infections as a result of colds in the last couple of months and I'm just getting over yet another cold. I imagine if your general health isn't great you might be more susceptible to the bugs that are going around. It's best to avoid antibiotics unless you really need them otherwise they will do your system more harm than good. Unfortunately they won't really help a virus, just the secondary infections such as chest infections :(

Selenium is supposed to be great for the immune system and, generally speaking, many of us don't get enough in our diets. It would be interesting to see if this helps you at all.

If you are anywhere mixing with people you don't normally mix with (like the gym or the worst offender, the doctors surgery!) you are more likely to pick up colds so there may be something in the fact you are going to the gym. Every time I go back to school I pick something up. New kids = new germs!

I hope you start to feel better soon. Let us know how you get on with the selenium. Hopefully you won't need those horrid antibiotics. You'll probably pick up something else while you're down at the doctors. There's so many germs in those places!

Take care

Carolyn x


Thx Carolyn. I am hopeful of the Selenium and still more work to do on checking my vits levels now I have the time, though I had already been found to be Vit d difficient. Would like to have everything else checked and spot on to know where I stand. Poor you - at least I'm past new kids germs. x


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