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Hi, I had a hemithyroidectomy 3 days ago because of a large cyst on the right hand side of my thyroid. As well as that my doctor was checking me as my blood tests had been coming back as slightly overactive. Today in particular I have been experience tingling and a numb sensation in my feet on a few occasions, it comes and goes. Is this a symptom, thought I read it somewhere but cannot recall where. Thanks in advance. xx

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  • Your calcium may have dropped after your hemiT. Mine did but righted itself within a few days. Will you be seeing the surgeon this week to have your stitches removed. Call him if you can in case he wants you to have a calcium blood test first. Otherwise call your GP Monday if the symptoms persist.

    Hope youre feeling okay, otherwise :)

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes, I am seeing my consultant on Wednesday, I have glue instead of stitches. I will tell him what I have been experiencing just in case. xx

  • If you're still experiencing tingling & numbness you should try to contact surgeon today in case he would like to see results of blood test prior to your consult.

  • Symptoms seems to have gone again with no reoccurence so far so will mention it on Wednesday and see what he says. It probably sorted itself out like you said. x

  • Tingling is back again tonight, seeing consultant tomorrow so will raise the issue. x

  • Let me know how it goes. Hope the consult goes well :)

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