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Symptom overload


Years ago i lost alot of my hearing in my left ear. I had an mri and was told i had nerve damage.. My hearing has got alot worse in that ear and i have alot of tinitus. Last night the noises went on and on, loud noises make me feel terrible. I have alot of fullness feelings in that ear that is not relieved from having wax removed.

I have read that Hashimotos can cause tinitus and i wondered if anyone knows if it can cause deafness. I keep getting these pointless diangnosis such as nerve damage, but what from and why, and no treatment.



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Hypo most definately can cause deafness. How are your hormone levels?

From what you say I would think your are probably low in B12 and magnesium. Have you had these tested? If this is the case, you can easily supplement them yourself. But do take a B complex with a any dose of B12 because they all work together.

Also, consider getting your zinc and vit D tested because all these things need to be optimal. Otherwise all sorts of symptoms can arise.

Hugs, Grey


Thank, still trying to get right balance with thyroid meds.

Take vid D but not others.


Low vit B12 can also affect your hearing. It would be a very good idea to get an idea of your level - more than likely to be low - and supplement. Vit B12 is so important!


Thanks...i do need to get my head round all the vitamins and take them which i am too good at.


If you take supplement B12, don't forget that you need to take a B complex with it, because they all work together.


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