I think my period is starting - but I only had it 14 days ago!

Hi, I have been recently diagnosed hypothyroid with elevated Anti-TPO antibodies at 41 kIU/L. TSH is 4.6 (0.27-4.2) and Free T4 is 15.6 (12-22). I take 125mcg Levothyroxine a day and have been on the meds since May.

Well, I am usually on a 27-day cycle but over the past 2 months it has shortened to 22 and 21 days respectively.

Since yesterday my breasts have been extremely tender and I know that usually means my period is due in a few days, but I've only just come off a period exactly 2 weeks ago! I've also had some terrible joint pain today and my appetite is quite strong, yet I haven't been constipated or as tired as I usually am. They both contribute to my hypo symptoms.

I'm not due to see my GP for a little under 2 weeks as I'm going away tomorrow for the whole week, should I mention something to her at that appointment? I'm still waiting to hear back about the endo referral and the other part of my blood test results that have not yet come back.


Jo xxx

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  • i am hypo and went through a long patch of having only 2weeks between periods...my doc put me back on the pill to regulate them..much better

  • Hi Kizzy thanks for your reply.

    I have a pill phobia and the contraceptive pills I've seen are huge. I was on contraceptive patches when they were easy to get hold of but they've now suddenly become dearer to be prescribed - so I've been told.

    Jo xxx

  • Your tsh is way too high. I was deliberately kept hypo and undermedicated by the nhs for years. It upset my oestrogen balance and it started with bleeding every few weeks, then daily for nearly a year to the point i could not leave the house.Turned out to be a giant fibroid taking up 90% of my womb cavity.

    Being hypo can affect your oestrogen, etc. There is info about it if you search, afraid i cant remember where i read it.

    Typical nhs not to address the problem at source but to just address the symptoms ie with the pill. You need to ensure your thyroid is properly managed, it is fundamental as it affects so many other things.

    Years after the whole fibroid catastrophe i again started bleeding fortnightly.I immediately started self medicating, got myself out of the NHS-indused hypo state and my periods went back to normal. NHS tried to tell me i was pre-menopausal. B%llsh*t. Saw a private specialist who said i could conceive if i wanted.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. Your answer makes interesting reading regarding oestrogen.

    Would TSH have any effect on oestrogen? I only ask as I think I could be oestrogen dominant since my breasts can get super tender and painful around my period.

    Also, I had an even higher TSH back in May at 22 (0.27-4.2) and my periods were normal and came when they should. I don't understand why my TSH has been even higher in the past and hadn't affected my periods.

    Bluedaffodil, I even thought I was pre menopausal as I had what I thought was a hot flush/flash and it happened just before my period was due. I'm 28 years old - I shouldn't have to worry about menopause at my age!


    Jo xxx

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