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parathyroid scan delay aaarrrggghhhh

was supposed to get my scan at ten got call from nuclear medicine at 9 to say it was cancelled as they didn't recieve their delivery of radioactive iodine to say i was dissapointed was an understatement i wept as i had been counting the down the days till i got back on my ndt i feel so ill and now i have to wait till tuesday the 17th apparently the uk government procures this from holland! and becausel of fog at heathrow the other day they couldn't deliver the iodine which is only sent twice a week to the uk i am totally sickened by this and feel so ill hopefully i will be alright till tuesday when i will i have not had any ndt for 3 weeks 6 days thanks for letting me have a wee rant fingers crossed for weather will be alright and this can be all over G

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I don't know how long they expect you to do without NDT - nearly 4 weeks - it is ridiculous. Do they really expect you to do without all this time. I dread to think how unwell you must be feeling.


hi shaws being without my ndt has been a nightmare everything i have wrong with me has been exacerbated 10 fold the first week was not so bad but the last 2 have been nightmarish i think my poor family would whole heartedly agreewith that description well 4 more sleeps to try and get through lol G


Why didn't they prescribe you T3 for two weeks after stopping NDT? T3 has to be stopped 2 weeks before RAI but its not as brutal as making you hypo for 4 weeks?

If you have to have a follow scan I recommend you chase up on this.


Thanks clutter hopefullys no return scan fingers crossed 2 more days to go hopefully get back tp normal soon


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