Why would Doctor request making an appointment to see them when only asking for blood test result print outs and their ranges please ?

Thought it would be a simple matter of just asking reception to print out the results, wait a couple of weeks and pay for them if required ?

Do we have a right to ask for our blood print outs ?

What questions will Doc likely ask ? :O

Is this what happens normally please ?

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  • Dunno why he asking....you have a right to copies....I get them all the time....just say it is for your private records if he asks you.

  • Yes you have a right to see them. I know my surgery wasn't too keen at first but I insisted. The receptionist should usually be able to print them out for you there and then. At the end of the day why are some Doctors so concerned about patients requesting their blood test results, if they have nothing to hide?

  • When bloods are above or below range the lab flags them up as 'abnormal'. Perhaps the doctor wants to explain face to face what the results mean, or why you were told they are fine/normal when they are not, or the doctor wants to explain why any 'abnormalities' flagged up haven't been acted upon or discussed with you *cynical face*.

  • I think GPs are now not being as helpful as they could be. Whether it is pure work overload or whether it is more insidious than that in seeking extra recompense for services I am unsure.

    Both I and a friend who is in a different area and with a different GP, are experiencing incredible hassle just getting our regular drugs from the GPs. I regularly meet other people in my usual pharmacist who share my GP and recount similar problems.

    I am wondering whether its because if you get enough hassle, you have no alternative other than to make a GP appointment. (For which GPs can charge back even though we dont pay at the point of use).

    I am given all sort of rubbish reasons when I again and again try to complain. I have also wondered whether there may be a drive to give a lesser service to expensive patients in order to get them to reregister with someone else.

    I do often manage to get copies of blood results, but again, it is not without hassle.

  • Ive found its normal for them to withhold giving results until they have spoken to you first if they are abnormal. They are not used to people being able to interprate (sorry cant spell that this morning) results themselves. Theres probably some code of practice that they are following. Its not like they are refusing copies, just waiting until theyve spoken too you.

  • It takes a second for the receptionist to get your details and then another second to press print. Your Dr and receptionists should be aware that you are entitled to your results under the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information.

    I thought that doctors were pushed for time? asking people to to just see them about one thing etc??? I wouldn't get into a debate with your doctor. I would just say that you require "YOUR" results because you are involved in helping "YOUR" health. You will also need the local lab ranges for each result too, which you may already know.

    Ask the Receptionist if she is refusing to give you your results? If she doesn't want to print them out then it will take longer to write them all down and an error could easily be made in copying them.

    Let us know on this post what happens.



  • Thank you for all your answers, most grateful, does seem a bit odd though as these bloods were taken a while ago and also needing some important others taken a while ago that came back as borderline/normal, I will report back in a few days to let you know the result of our visit.

    This question was not for myself, but posted on behalf of another person. Many Thanks :)

  • Hi, I had exactly the same situation today when requesting my blood test results. They came back abnormal for the majority of what I've been tested and asked the receptionist if I could have a copy of them. She told me she could not do that, but my GP has written a comment saying that she would like to speak to me about them.

    Jo xxx

  • Good luck, I will post back on Friday about how it went and why Doc needed to see in person, would like to hear your outcome too Jo853.

  • Hi Coastwalker, see my latest post regarding blood test results. Hope you have had better luck with your own GP.

    Jo xxx

  • Done it Jo853, all that worry for nothing, piece of cake :O

    (see below my reply.) Tried to find your reply, can't seem to find it, will try looking again. :)

  • We got all worked up about nothing, thinking we'd get slated just for asking and almost even cancelled the appointment thinking it would get us into real trouble.

    Doc had requested us to see him so was a bit odd when sat down in his room he asked us what we'd come to see him for.

    Doctor couldn't find any blood tests done on his computer screen ,the blood test results hadn't even come back through from hospital to the local Doctor, so Doc has had to get Hospital to send their results through, so will hopefully get them soon, and post them up on here. Doc had no problem saying we could have them printed out.

    All that worrying for nothing.

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