What's with all the cortisol testing the Endo wants done? And why say no thyroid issue then retest me??

Hi all, just thought I'd pop by and let you know how my first appointment went. She basically dismissed thyroid as being the issue, even though my ranges for ft3 and ft4 are in the low 'normal' range (although, she still took more bloods for tsh, ft3, ft4 again, which I'm confused about) She was however concerned with my serum cortisol level, which is 1097 (morning ref range 170-540) She has now requested that I undertake a 24 hour urine cortisol test (which I've done) I also have had another cortisol blood test done and I'm due to have a further one done on 16/12/2013 after taking a tablet at 10pm the night before and she was insistent that I have the blood test no later than 9am the next morning. I am confused though as to what all this means, as she has ruled out thyroid, but is testing again for it and she didn't explain what the tests for the cortisol are for :( just getting stressed and worried now

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She's probably wondering about Cushing's Syndrome.

Have a look here: nhs.uk/Conditions/cushings-...

I thought that maybe this was what she is testing for, but she was very dismissive that she would find a problem. Why do i feel so bad then? I really could scream at the moment, and to top it all off, i woke up with flu yesterday :(

From what I've read the suggestion is that if your adrenals are fatigued your thyroid levels will not be right until your adrenals are right so maybe if she is looking further into this and addresses it then your thyroid levels will improve on your current dose but she would want to see this. I think you have to see what happens next and let us know and I'm sure someone will comment further.

I am not on any medication for thyroid as she is dismissing it as even being an issue (even though she is retesting) it's all so confusing. I also had a urine teat done at hospital and it had blood in it, so i'm concerned about this aswell now x

well I think what I said still stands. If she thinks it is an adrenal issue and she treats that it will affect your thyroid I think so prudent to retest that. About the urine test. I had a UTI around Christmas and GP gave me three days of antibiotics even though I said I don't react very well on them. Three lots of antibiotics later I felt much better, abdominal pain gone etc but the test done at surgery say still blood in urine so she booked me in at hospital for tests so had a camera in bladder, bit uncomfortable but clear then sent for ultrasound and X-rays, all clear. Doctor at hospital asked if I'd seen actual blood which I hadn't and she she said, later followed up in writing, that nothing abnormal found but if I see blood to tell GP straight away. I did read though in my panic that protein in my urine could, amongst other things be a thyroid related problem so may be that is what my GP found. BUT you mustn't assume anything, get the tests offered for peace of mind. The camera was a bit uncomfortable but looking around my bladder was interesting! Try not to worry.

If you do have an untreated thyroid your body tries to compensate by using your adrenals but they can't do it forever so I think your doctor is actually looking at the right sort of things but not explaining things as she goes along. I think doctors sometimes think that we are better of knowing nothing until there is something to tell and because its all in a days work for them they don't realise how worried we become and worry isn't good for us. I know its easy to say but try to keep positive and tell yourself how pleased that these tests are being done so that if something isn't quite right it can be sorted. Hope all goes well

Hi My Endo considers this is the best test for Adrenal glands, in fact the only test any use. It did show mine, several times. if a patient goes to see her having had the other tests she says essential to retest in this way. Cortisone should only be used if definitely needed for treatment.

Endo`s unlike private doctors do consider all the related conditions with thyroid.

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