Called into the GP and very worried

Yesterday I received a call from surgery to ask me to attend a GP appointment on Friday as they have received a letter from endo. I am worried as I wrote a letter of complaint to my endo regarding his attitude. At this appt he threatened to take my meds away and treat me as a waste of space. Oh if they take my carb away what will I do?

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  • No they will never do that. Do not worry, I hope they will be grovelling with apologies instead. Good luck! x

  • No it can't be that as I received a letter from endo stating that if I wanted another endo then I should see my GP. The GP is not going to call me in to ask that question!!!!

  • Well obviously if you are on Carbimazole, they cannot just wash their hands of you. They have responsibility for your health under their contract with NHS. Should be an interesting appointment. Do not worry and tell us how it went.

  • Did you copy the hospital management in on the letter to the endo? See what happens with the GP, if things aren't good and you aren't happy then find someone high up in the hospital and see what they have to say about getting you an apology and an endo who is not so rude. Don't be embarrassed - go in feeling confident.

  • Thank you for this. Yes I copied PALS into the letter. No reply from them. Before I had this dreadful thyroid/graves I was very confident and could stand up for myself, but now I am a whimp who is actually crying as I write this. I am frightened of everything and everybody

  • ((((Big hugs)))) As a fellow Graves sufferer I can imagine how rubbish you feel. Weird how something like Graves can make you feel so scared of everything isn't it.

    You would think your endo might take into account how us Graves people feel and how we can be affected. Hope it all goes well with your GP - make sure you come back and tell us how you got on ((((More hugs))))

  • I could have written that myself ^^ They won't take your carbimizole there is no way. It's probably to discuss who will continue your care if you don't want to see that endo. I'm about to do exactly the same thing with mine.

    If there is any mention of stopping your carb you need to find a new gp too. Let us know & you're not alone, I'm an emotional mess too ;) It is the graves and it will go xx

  • Tragedy is these Endos do not suffer the diseases they claim to be experts on because if they suffered the lives of Thyroid patients would change very fast

  • Had to attend nurse today for bloods. I asked her what the dr wanted me for tomorrow, she searched my notes and told me GP had received letter from Endo to stop my carb. I went hysterical nurse states that I should be put on levo but it does not state that in the letter. Now what????

  • Hear your doctor out Georgie B. You need to explain just how you feel and that if they take you off everything, you will have no alternative but to seek a second opinion and make a complaint to the NHS. I'm sure things won't get to this, but there is always others things to try. Please don't worry, you will get better. I have Graves and feel fine even though they stopped my Carbimazole 2 months ago. Please let us know what happens, you are not alone. Stay strong, you have a right to proper treatment.

  • My regular off sick when I went to my visit, therefore GP had not read letter, but he was helpful didn't change or take away my medication. He did explain though why I am so depression...... Hyper thalamus and pituitary glad etc and increased AD's. Must say I am fed up with crying at everything. No energy etc etc. thank you all for listening. Endo appt on 23rd I am scared

  • At least you have an appointment soon and they do realise that you have imbalances. I know it's a difficult time for you because of how bad you feel at the moment, but you will improve. When I was first diagnosed, there were days I thought it would be better for everyone if I just wasn't around anymore, but with the help of friends and the faith that I was strong enough to beat it, I am now in remission - long may it last. I have my endo appointment next week too but I see it as a norther positive step forward on the way to recovery. All you need to remember is that it's your body, your feelings, your health and at anytime you are not impressed with, or confident with, the treatment you're getting SPEAK-UP! Only you know how you feel, make sure they are aware of your symptoms too, no matter how trivial they are. sometimes it's the smallest things that provide the most helpful information. Be sure to write everything down before you go to see the endo because it's amazing how many things we wanted to discuss go straight out the window when we are in our appointment. Make every second count. You deserve to feel better! Hang in there and let us know how you go.

    Kisses and cuddles x


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