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Anemia and supplementation


Hello Ladies,

Just wondering if you can help. My Dr has upped my meds, while testing my bloods she found my Ferritin to be very low, has put me on Ferrous Sulphate supplement , 600 mg a day until January. No wonder I was tired, will taking vit c alongside iron tabs help me to absorb it quicker, I'm starting to feel a little better. I don't get back into bed as soon as I get up anymore !!! I also wondered if lack of Iron would affect my Levo conversion. !!! It's a mine field isn't it. !! Thanks for all your help in the past I appreciate it lots. X thanks in advance x

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hi happy

you might find this useful



It does seem to be suggested that levo conversion is affected by low ferritin. I had to ask my doctor to test my iron as he is not aware of the connection. I only found out via this forum thankfully. My ferritin is 33 so close to the bottom of the range. My serum iron was 9 (range 11 - 30). He didn't want to give me iron tablets! I am on 400 mgs of ferrous sulphate a day and going for a retest in January. I take vitamin c with it as well. Unfortunately, my GP will not test for ft3.

I hope that I will soon feel better and I hope that you do too.


Aww bless you, you hold him ( GP ) and I'll punch ! My GP is very nice, I'm getting a Mirena coil fitted this month to slow down the flooding which has made me Aneamic, which seems to compromise conversion. Didn't know this but it doesn't surprise me. I learn a lot from this forum. X hope your feeling better soon babe. Xx

Low ferritin levels will not only compromise conversion from T4 to T3 but will also hinder the transportation of the T3 into the cells, which is where it is desperately needed. Ferritin levels need to be 70 or over for all this to happen.

I have just finished an 8 month course of ferrous sulphate 200mcg's daily and am feeling so much better - I have even had to lower my levo twice because I went over medicated. Your gut will be unable to absorb the iron without the VitC and you must always take iron supplements with food or they could damage the lining of the gut.

Even though I was having regular blood test I only found out I had reached my limit because a friend told me that to much iron will cause a matallic taste in your mouth, which is what happened to me last week, so watch out for this as to much iron can be dangerous.

Moggie x

123happy in reply to Moggie

W ow cheers Moggie, that explains a lot ! I will get some vit C tomorrow, Dr didn't say anything a bout it. I've been quite poorly, excsma, cold sores, chest infection. But starting to feel better. She upped my meds and I've started to loose a little bit of body weight ! It's all parts of a jigsaw starting to come together. No wonder I've felt crap ! I'm very grateful for your help and advice x

foreversummer in reply to Moggie

Thanks Moggie. Helps us to know we are on the right track. Useful tip about the metallic taste. Would never know any of this if it wasn't for this site and all your help.


This old thread might be of interest - discusses the need for riboflavin (B2) in order to make use of iron supplementation:

And a few other bits and pieces...


I have not been able to absorb anything for quite a long time, and have been gluten free now for around 4 months as was not able to tolerate supplements or thyroid meds, BUT have been back on iron for 2 weeks now, and its not upsetting my stomach this time around so I feel that going G/F is now helping me tolerate the iron along with the vit C, which means that I might start feeling the benefits of my T3 .

I would say I do feel a bit more perky in myself, but hate saying that as it can all go pear shaped very quickly.These are all things the GP's are not aware of BUT should be, if they were more educated on these important issues then they might save more of us a lot of heartache, misery and wasted years.

Best wishes D :-)

123happy in reply to missdove

Thanks for your information, I've learned a lot from the lovely people on here. I agree that Drs are woefully lacking in knowledge about Thyroid and related conditions, my GP is shocked by the knowledge I have acquired from this excellent forum since I was diagnosed hypo in Feb.

best wishes to you too, I hope you have a fab festive season x

I take 200mg iron tabs at night and would like to add a Vit C supplement, how much should I take?

Moggie in reply to romulalupine

This is the one I have been using - it does appear to cost a lot compared to some but this one tub has lasted me all the way through my treatment and I still have lots left - so well worth the money as you only need a tiny bit on the end of a teaspoon (which I then added to make up orange squash) to do the job.

Moggie x

romulalupine in reply to Moggie

Moggie, thanks, that looks useful. Romula x

123happy in reply to Moggie


Your a star x : )

Moggie in reply to 123happy

I wouldn't go that

Moggie x

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