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Neck pain getting increasingly worse

Hi, I haven't visited this forum for a while but feel compelled to do so today as I'm back at the hospital this afternoon and I'm feeling a little anxious. Had an FNA about 6 months ago and the hospital lost my results! They backtracked and said they hadn't retrieved enough "material" to analyse but a nurse had already told me that the results had been lost, so I'm pretty peeved at having to have it done again! Anyway, just wondered if any members can help with my query? My goitre was very uncomfortale before my last FNA, I constantly felt like I wanted to cough something up! I also had neck and throat pain! The FNA was a relief and my symptoms seemed to almost disappear! However, 6 months on, I'm back to square one, although my goitre isn't visible ( I feel like it's sitting lower now) it's once again making me feel like there's an obstruction in my throat and these last few weeks I've had really bad pains in my neck, not in one place but everywhere? Has any other member had a similar experience? Naturally I am feeling very worried! Thank you.


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Hi Caz

Poor you, I hope you get some answers this afternoon and what an awful ordeal with the hospital, I would rather they admit that the results are lost and not change their story! I have a similar experience. I have a thyroid cyst and had a FNA done just under two weeks ago. Six days later it was back or normal size (if not bigger) and is now causing me pain. Had no pain from it previously. I do get a lot of neck and shoulder aches and am not sure if it is related but I dont have the same feelings as you i.e. feeling like there is an obstruction in your neck. I hope someone else comes along who can help you more than I can, just wanted to know you are not alone. Hope your appointment goes well and keep us updated.

Joy x


Thank you Joy. Well, I explained to the doctor how I was feeling and she did a thorough US scan of my neck and throat, she decided not to do another FNA because the hot nodule within the goitre had collapses within itself over the months since it was last done and she felt that no benefit could come from repeating the process. I have multiple small nodules in my neck but she couldn't see anything obvious which would cause any pain and didn't feel that anything sinister was going on! Good news I suppose but it still doesn't explain why, if the goitre is visibly smaller, I am feeling like there is an obstruction? Coincidentally I have an appointment on Wednesday with my endo doctor so I will speak to him about it and ask his advice.

Caz x


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