Has anyone had a colonoscopy and, if so, how did you feel the day afterwards?

I had a colonoscopy yesterday afternoon to investigate why I daily have diarrhoea and stomach cramps despite having given up gluten, soya and lactose over a year ago. I felt fine yesterday evening but since 4am today I have had severe, uncontrollable watery diarrhoea and stomach cramps. Is this normal? I have Hashimotos but all my thyroid levels are well within the 'normal' ranges so I'm not on any medication.

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  • Hi

    Yep had many colonoscopies as I have ulcerative colitis but I have never had any problems afterwards. Did you have it done in a day surgery unit ? give them a call and get advice, if you have severe pain there is a small chance of a bowel perforation but it's quite rare for that to happen. Could just be that the prep and procedure has set up some irritation and it will settle but best to run it by them anyway, you should have been given a post procedure info leaflet with advice and numbers to call.

  • Thanks hypohen, you were right. I spoke to the gastoenterologist who said that it was very unusual to have such a reaction but the colonoscopy probably aggravated whatever is causing the diarrhoea and stomach cramps that I'm seeing her about. I had a grotty day yesterday and I couldn't stmoach anything apart from water but it's settled down now and I've even managed to eat something this afternoon. I hope your colitis is under control x

  • I had one about 2 years ago. There is nothing to worry about. They did say if they found any polyps I think it was they would get rid of them but we didnt. I found it really interesting. You could watch it on a tv screen as they were dong it. I found it fascinating and the chap that performed it gave a running commentary. No probs afterwards.

  • Thanks Chickens12. The actual procedure was fine thanks to the sedation but it was the day after that was the problem - luckily it seems to have settled down now x

  • I had one four years ago and was absolutely fine afterwards. As hypohen says give them a ring and ask for advice.

  • Thanks foreversummer. I did ring and was told more or less what hypohen said and it's all settled down now thank goodness as I wouldn't want to go through yesterday again in a hurry! x

  • I had one and it was awful - but that was because they won't give you anaesthetic if you don't have someone to stay with you for 24 hours afterwards. And it hurts! They couldn't complete it as my breathing went wrong and the nurse asked me to tell them to stop.

    With anaesthetic, I'm told it's a breeze. The prep is boring (esp if you are a gluten-free vegan as they only thing you can eat is white rice), but easy to do.

    Afterwards, I couldn't eat properly for about a week - I had no appetite and when I did eat, I felt bloated and everything went straight through. I lived on stewed apple and kefir, and took lots of probiotics. Now back to exactly the same I I was before the procedure.

    Make sure you have plenty of probiotics for afterwards.

  • I'm so sorry you had such a bad time with it. I certainly couldn't have managed without the sedation. I had the same after effects as you yesterday but luckily I seem to be ok now. Thanks for the advice about probiotics x

  • Hi yes I had one about 4 weeks ago ..I felt fine no pain but my bowel habits have now changed completely ...I am more regular now

  • Hi there. It's interesting that the colonoscopy seems to have helped you. Did it find anything wrong? Mine was fine thanks to the sedation and nothing seemed wrong so I'm now waiting for the results of the biopsies and blood and stool samples. The next day was absolutely awful but I started eating again yesterday afternoon and expected to wake up with the usual diarrhoea and cramps that I've had everyday for the past couple of years but so far so good. But I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much! X

  • Hi they took 4 biopsies but thank fully I am all clear

  • I had one done a week ago and found it to be quite uncomfortable even after sedation but I was in a long time because they found a very large ulcerated polyp which they took 5 biopsies and have also put an ink dye to mark it! They could not remove it because of the size and am going today to find out the results and exactly how they are going to remove it. I do feel very anxious about it because my father had bowel cancer at a young age. During the test the doctor did tell me it would have to be removed & apparently my case was discussed at a doctors panel meeting to see how best to go about it.

    I will be glad when I know whats what!

  • Hi Jensue, I'm so sorry to hear that but at least they have found the polyp and can deal with it. I hope today's appointment goes well and that they are able to relieve at least some of your anxiety if not all of it. Do let us know how it goes xxx

  • Had results, firstly biopsies came back clear however because of the size & ulceration consultant say s I have a much greater chance of it turning to cancer so I have to have open surgery & he is going to do a bowel resection - this should take place in the next few weeks or so (he said December), they will ring me on Thursday with a date. The growth will be sent for further tests & he is going to remove the nearby lymph nodes if these are not clear it will mean chemotherapy afterwards. Feeling a bit shell shocked because I feel has if I've had enough major surgery.

  • Hi Jensue, no wonder you feel shell shocked but at least they have found it before it does turn to cancer. I hope it doesn't ruin your christmas too much. Try to stay strong and look towards the future when you are all healed up and no longer have the polyp inside you. Do keep in touch xxx

  • Hi Confused77, I suppose it is now sinking in somewhat and just want to get it over with but the saddest part about this is that I was due to go on a very special holiday early in February and due to recovery period after surgery I will not be fit to go. Consultant has advised against it so now in contact with holiday company & insurance, it is all such a mess but then as my husband says my health comes first.

    I will let you know how things go.

  • That is such a shame. I hope you get your money back without too much hassle - they can surely not quibble when you'll be recovering from an operation. I'm glad you have such a supportive husband. Did they ring yesterday to give you a date for the op? x

  • I have had the operation on 12th December and came home on Friday 20th! They have removed the whole of the right side of my bowel and part of the transverse colon, apparently the growth was in the Hepatic flexure so turned out to be a far far bigger op than I anticipated. Feeling very tired and everything quite an effort at the moment & have lost a further half a stone in weight. But eating is quite hard at the moment & still trying to figure out what helps me. The main side effect of the surgery is that the right of side of the bowel removes most of the liquid so its like having constant diarrhoea this led me to be very low on potassium for a few days & having to take more medication, they have said it should settle somewhat as the bowel adjusts but I may need to take Immodium to help.

    The best bit of news is that the growth was benign! Although they did say if it had been left it had avery high wrist of turning Cancerous or blocking my bowel, will now need to have a colonoscopy every year.

    I do hope you have a good Christmas, mine is going to be quiet and doing very little but resting.

  • Gosh no wonder you were in hospital for so long

  • Well I don't know what happened there I hadn't clicked on the send button but it was sent before I could type anything else! You must be so relieved it was benign and that it was caught in time. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas despite

  • It's done it again! !! ...despite still recovering and missing out on your trip xxx

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