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A chance to harass the GMC a bit?

I've just received the following Select Committee Announcement about an accountability hearing with the GMC. I know that they are notorious for tormenting people like Dr Skinner and Dr Myhill, despite the fact that their patients are entirely happy with what they do. I thought perhaps people on Thyroid UK might like to put the boot on the other leg, so to speak, by providing submissions?

Select Committee Announcement

11 November 2013

For Immediate Release:


The Health Committee is today announcing arrangements for its accountability hearing with the General Medical Council (GMC).

The Committee proposes to take evidence as follows:

· GMC: Tuesday 10 December 2013

There is no formal call for evidence for this hearing, but the Committee would be pleased to receive written submissions on the work of the GMC in advance of the hearing.

Written evidence must be submitted via the web portal and the deadline for submitting written evidence is noon on Monday 2 December 2013 (please note that the portal will close shortly after the noon deadline).

Further details of the session will be announced in due course.

Notes for Editors:

1. The Committee’s previous accountability hearing with the GMC took place on 4 September 2012. The report on the hearing was published on 3 December as HC 566 (2012–13).

2. The response from the Government was published on 25 February 2013 as Cm 8520.


Committee Membership is as follows: Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell (Chair) (Con) (Charnwood), Rosie Cooper (Lab) (West Lancashire), Andrew George (Lib Dem) (St Ives), Barbara Keeley (Lab) (Worsley and Eccles South), Charlotte Leslie (Con) (Bristol North West), Grahame M Morris (Lab) (Easington), Andrew Percy (Con) (Brigg and Goole), Mr Virendra Sharma (Lab) (Ealing Southall), David Tredinnick (Con) (Bosworth), Valerie Vaz (Lab) (Walsall South), Dr Sarah Wollaston (Con) (Totnes)

Media Enquiries: Hannah Pearce, Media Officer, Tel: 020 7219 8430

Specific Committee Information: e‑mail:

Committee Website:

Watch committees and parliamentary debates online:

Publications / Reports / Reference Material: Copies of all select committee reports are available from the Parliamentary Bookshop (12 Bridge St, Westminster, 020 7219 3890) or the Stationery Office (0845 7023474). Committee reports, press releases, evidence transcripts, Bills; research papers, a directory of MPs, and Hansard (from 6 am daily) and much more, can be found on

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I'm in but dont know exactly how to do it. I did read a little on the web site, I suppose I could include the letter of support I sent Re Dr skinners last hearing. I am seeing him tomorrow and see what he says. could a letter also be submitted from TUK?



It's great that you're seeing Dr S tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be able to suggest how to do it . . looking forward to hearing what he says.


He thought it was a very good idea. I don't think he is holding out much hope that anything will change though. All we can do is try.



Do you think we could concoct a letter, which would list the bad doctors they HAVEN'T struck off, and contrast that list with the ones who have been victimized? If people know any examples apart from Dr Skinner and Dr Myhill and Dr Peatfield, please would they post them here? I don't imagine it would change anything much, but the fact that we'd written might get into the papers and that might highlight the plight of patients with thyroid probs. I don't know what you think?


I have no idea what this is and dont really understand what its about. If someone can explain it, preferably in the way you would explain something to a five year old, i may be tempted to submit a letter


The Select Committee is a government body that has the power to investigate areas of dissatisfaction. e.g. when the mid-staffs scandal happened (the neglected patients drinking out of flower vases) they interrogated Sir David Nicholson and there is still a nice video on you-tube of him squirming a bit.

If you look at this document about the last GMC accountability hearing you can see it's all about relatively mild topics like ensuring foreign doctors aren't allowed to practise unless they have good English. But I don't see why the hearing shouldn't also include some representations about victimization of GPs who don't toe the party line. It might also help to raise the profile of the shocking way thyroid patients are treated.


This is a 'must hear video'. Despite this the GMC still continues.

They hound doctors like Dr Skinner constantly and force doctors like Dr Barry Durrant Peatfield to resign rather than being unceremonously struck off.


Thanks shaws, another good link from you!

I had assumed that the GMC were effectively civil servants and how wrong I was! It's extraordinary that they're still able to run as a gentlemen's club and wriggle and squirm when they're asked probing questions.

It's shocking that after all these years they're not doing what was asked of them and clearly don't give two hoots.

Will this lack of accountability ever change?

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I am always amazed at the fact that doctors who care for their patients are hounded and surgeons who mess up and kill continue to practice - the latest one was allowed to continue for 19 years!! Why did no other doctor shop him to the GMC? Patients are ignored when it comes to bringing bad doctors / surgeons to book but other doctors can complain and force a hearing on a doctor who is treating a patient. Wrong, very wrong.


Yes. It all comes down to what Dame Janet Smith said in her report after the Shipman case - that there's a conflict of interest and the GMC cares more about protecting doctors than patients. It is very wrong, as you say.


It really is best to understand the cozy nature of things.. countless teeth-less mouthpieces for the DOH and successive governments have failed, and are still failing to bring the medical regulator into line, they themselves, are more keen to install the latest software to pick up anything said about them rather than act on concerns, their lovely sugary veneered website is a gateway to a very bitter pill indeed.

Many doctors do not like it, and neither do the public, a good example here: themedicaljournalistoncall....

Mary F


Well put.


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