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A bit of a break from the norm

I've not blogged for a while but have been peeking in now and then.

I don't know about you but I have no idea where the summer has gone. I've been busy, with work being ever more demanding and then trying to have some kind of life.

The highlight has been to see my school friend married to a lovely chap and they did me the honour of asking me to be bridesmaid. Wandering around a top London hotel at 1 o'clock in the morning in my spotty travel pyjamas wasn't quite what I envisaged but the whole event was immense fun and an absolute privledge.

My thyroid has sort of been dragged along to keep up. There were times in the summer when I've been very hypo. However, as time goes on, I think I'm learning how to cope.

Having had two weeks out off the office I have come to realise just how exhausted I truely was. I can't keep up the swimming, seeing people in the evening and long hours in the office. I knew I was running on empty at the time but couldn't do anything about it.

So, I'm back but determined to balance things out a bit more in my favour. I'm going to have to be a bit stricter about the office hours and with winter around the corner suspect the evening socialising will decline anyway. Swimming, I've had a bit of a break and will get back into it but not necessarily with the focus I had in the summer.

Over to you: Anyone been through a similar educative process? How did you approach it? Any tips?

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It sounds like you are doing remarkably well and learning to listen to your body and spend your energy wisely. I had to smile because you sound so fit and well and a million miles from where I am but I am still waiting for results of multiple hormonal tests ESP for hypo, and I posted a question today asking for people to tell me what their level of tiredness is like. Thanks for holding out the hope that I can recover from whatever I have.most days I am too tired to get off the sofa and couldn't possibly work..and I have never been out of work in my life till now. So I am going to look forward to hearing the range of peoples experiences regarding tiredness and how little this reduces you to, then to how people reclaim their energy and learn to live again.


Hi, Bunny. I can well imagine how you feel. I am so fortunate that I am like Oneinthehand, really quite fit for 63 and still mountain walking and cycling regularly. I do have days though when I feel totally pooped, for no apparent reason so you have my sympathy. Keep going and keep nagging the Doctor till you getit right!.


There is no doubt about it, we really do have to be selfish when it comes to how we spend our energy.

When I get up in the morning I know exactly how much energy I have to spend, it is as though my batteries have been fully charged in the night and like my mobile phone it gradually decreases until the red light is on.

Say it's 20 points, having a shower and getting ready takes up 3, sorting washing, maybe a bit of clearing up takes another 2. (even though I rest in between I don't recharge!) then a gentle walk around the park with my dog for 15 minutes is another 2.

Popping to shop (in car), putting shopping away, making some lunch another 2. Ironing or a bit of light housework another 2. Chatting to friend really drains me so I will say 3 points, cooking a meal (on the days that I can) is another 2, checking emails and a few jobs on the computer say 1, then just chilling in the evening, chatting, reading takes another 1. This is a good day.

If I went shopping or on a day out even using my mobility scooter I would probably use up say 8, if I am upset or anxious about anything it would feel like a whole day's points.

This is why Tesco deliver the shopping, my family do most of the housework they don't complain because if I really push myself and start spending tomorrow's points then I am a blubbering irritable wreck.... by comparison, pre hypothyroid I would spend 20 points on swimming and dog walking before breakfast and had around 150 points! and never felt tired.


Hi, Bunny. I can imagine how you feel. I am so luckly because I am like Oneinthehand, pretty fit and active for 63 doing mountain walking and biking quite regularly. But I do get some days when, for no reason, I feel absolutely pooped so I so sympathise. Keep going and keep nagging the Doctor!


I think the key is moderation in all things so your idea of balancing things out sounds a good one! Pacing yourself is an excellent idea and don't forget that, if the socialising includes lots of alcohol, this will deplete you even further! Exercise is so vital to overall health and if you can do, go for it!


I've sort of slid into this position. I was suspended from work as a teacher in Oct 2008, by a Head teacher wo really hated me and wanted rid of's been a long story with much support from the Nut. I accused the Head of bullying me, and she dreamt up allegations against me. In the end I was cleared of any substantial charges because there was no evidence ( cos I hadn't done anything wrong) but was still sacked for a breakdown in my relationship with the Head!, during that time I was stressed so much because I am technically the cater for Terry my partner who is I'll with Hep c, a badly smashed and reconstructed leg like Barry Sheen, and I've worked to support us. So I was sitting at home worrying about a future on benefits, thankfully I gave up alcohol in Dec 07, so didn't use that to cope.

It was as I was sacked in

March and I had thought og going back to work that I realised I had gone downhill so far I couldn't pull myself up to be able to go and teach again. The symptoms have worsened since then, the inability to lose weight goes back about 5 yes,and dreadful sleepiness. I used to sit in assembly at school, and I could've just gone to sleep then....

But as I said before this time I have always worked and supported myself,and then Terry.I am so glad I have a set of spiritual beliefs that allows me to live in today, generally not worry too much, know that God will help to sort the future and I am not alone in all this I have spiritual resources to draw in.

This has all brought a complete break down to my old way of life and it seems like I will get treatment but then my life will need to go in a very different direction. There is the worry of greatly reduced money but there is more to life than this.

This group is really helpful in trying to come to terms with what has happened to me so thank you all for your contributions,

<b>Updated on Sep 8 2010 1:17PM:</b> Ps exercise at the moment is completely out of the question but I know the time will come when it will be the way forward presumably when I have some treatment,


you can not lose weight if you do not sleep properly

you need to sleep in order to lose weight


I am assuming that I can never lose weight while I sleep too much. I know my whole system has got completely out of balance and every aspect of my life needs to chain


if the sleep your having is not quality sleep you will not lose weight

i have sleep apnoea and think i have slept well but have not due to my sleep apnoea


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