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Can anyone recommend an Endocrinologist- specifically for Overactive thyroid plus advice on when it would be safe to conceive in London?

I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid nearly a year ago and have been on a 200mg dose of PTU for nearly 9 months now. I am making slow progress but am unhappy with the advice and care I have been receiving I would like to see a specialist who can monitor my condition and work towards reducing my medication

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Any good Endo would be fine. However, good vital. Louise has a list of a few Endo`s.louise.warvill'thyroiduk.org I find my consultants by looking at names on the large, best teaching hospital sites. Cross reference to near by private hospitals, often more info on there. lastly put their name on the WEB, most have there own site. Then ,importantly,phone their NHS secretary, and fish. Certainly ask about their preferred treatment.,do they listen , vital too, Often if sec nice, so will the consultant be. e, anyway generally find that you can get a feel for them. When you go NHS, phone sec first, check he is taking a clinic that day. Then when you arrive, tell everyone, staff, that you want to see the consultant. It is your right, always has been

If you find one you fancy, you can also put there name here but say answers by PM please ( private message).

Good hunting,



My doctor recommended thelondonclinic.co.uk/consu...


I have been refer to Dr Anderson at the Homerton. The dept gets a much more positive rating than any of the other hospitals in north or east Lon


Thanks for the responses. If I asked to be referred to a different hospital will I be automatically discharged from my current hospital? Thanks


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