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First Endo Visit Today

Have been to see an Endo today and am feeling very happy.So good to have an in depth discussion about symptoms.I took along a written history and a list of blood tests,all of which were referred to so It was worth the effort.The appointment lasted about 45 mts or more.He has made an adjustment to my thyroxine dosage 100 and 75 on alternate days and I am to have an FT 4 and T3 test before seeing him again in 3 months time.Just listening to him giving information to his medical student was so enlightening and recognisable from that which we read in our Thyroid Books.

I now feel very hopeful that I might get my problems sorted.

When asked which support group I belong to Thyroid Uk was well recognised.X

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That's great news. He sounds like he might be a good one. If so you should let Louise know so that he can be added to the list. Good luck. Jx


Hi Girls! Just sent you a pm Marfit! And l sent Endos name to Jenny a few months back, and he's great! If you want the name again, just give me a shout! x


If he is in london can secret squirrel me the name please. Cheers


Preparing notes for my son to take to his first endo appt on Wednesday - hoping it will be as positive - thanks for posting hurrah : )


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