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Very confused :(

Hi everyone....I'm looking for your opinions/advice please. I'm having trouble getting my levels right, my GP can't give me any answers so I was hoping you guys might be able to suggest something for me. My current ft4 is 21.9 (9-22) my TSH 5.89 (5.5 being the high end if the range) and I recently had my GP request my ft3 which she did (not the norm in Ireland) but the labs just sent back "ft3 high" no numbers/ranges and to be fair my GP has emailed them numerous times requesting the exact numbers but is yet to hear back from them. I am currently taking Eltroxin 100mg and 125mg every 2nd day. Eltroxin and me are not friends, I don't like the stuff and have NEVER felt remotely "right " since starting it in March. I think my GP is starting to agree with me. Prior to my ft3 levels my GP was thinking I wasn't converting t4 so was going to prescribe me t3 pending the lab results. Even though we don't have exact levels, the fact that it's high has put her off this idea. Any ideas why my ft4 and ft3 would be high but my tsh not suppressed????? My tpo is 978 I don't know if that makes any difference....all advice is much appreciated. Thank you all

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Hi Hazeljane,

I've seen this table posted before, thought it might be useful:

I was thinking "poorly effective thyroid hormone" as I know you have nutrient deficiencies. Do you know what your temperature is normally? Might be useful to know if it runs high, low or normal.

Hampster x


Thanks Hampster....I'll give the link you posted a read. My b12 5 weekly shots are finished now, only 1 every 12 weeks. I was told to supplement myself if I felt I needed too.

I haven't been taking my temp, but I'll buy a thermometer tomorrow and start. I'm sure it's in the link you've posted but just in case it's not, what would my temp show???? I've read low temp indicates hypo xxxxx thanks as always for everything xxxxx


Here's the Thyroid UK link about temperature:

You know my thoughts about the B12 - just not enough, not enough. H x

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If you supplement with vitamin B12, you should buy methylcobalimin and sublingual is best as it is absorbed into your bloodstream. You cannot overdose - excess is excreted through urine.

This is a link re T3 which may reassure your Doctor. Quite a few members are on T3 only and doing fine. This is a link:-


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