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What to do now?

I had a blood test last week and could not get the results out of the receptionist over the phone, so drove 14 miles to ask for it in person. No problem, she printed it off and gave it to me in a sealed envelope (???). I have read it and lots on blood count, creatinine levels BUT only TSH and T3, no T4 and no vits that I had asked for. Grrr

TSH is 0.08 (0.27-4.20)

Free T3 is 4.5pmol/L (no range)

Serum Ferritin 83 ug/L (no range)

I managed to track down another batch of T3, (I take 125 T4 and 10 T3 daily), so I am hoping I will feel more human soon, as at the moment it is all I can do to stand upright and stop sobbing for 5 minutes. The whole thought of going back to the GP for another blood test and fight for some results leaves me in a soggy puddle on the floor!

I used to run a large company, and was well known for fighting my corner, but my backbone seems to have slithered out the door, taking my brain with it. Shall I just try the new T3 and see how I get on, or shall I make a fuss?

Thanks, all you life savers out there. I am so grateful for your ongoing support.

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I am not sure what to suggest but just wanted to tell you I loved your post so much and lack of thyroid hormone has certainly not stunted your grasp of English. The image of the backbone slithering out of the door, followed by the brain, is still making me giggle.

I think I might try the new T3 and still make a fuss, especially about the lack of vits and other testing. What did you ask for? Your ferritin looks fine. I think between 70 to 90 is the aim. Without ref ranges, hard to comment on T3 but possibly still low, although not as pathetic as mine! Do hope you feel better soon.


Thanks for the reply. I think you may be right - I will try the T3 for a few days to see if zombie mode disappears, gird up my loins (if I can find them), don a tin hat and make a fuss!


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