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Has anyone being misdiagnoised with adhd when they have a thyroid problem

My brothers four sons have all been diagnoised with Adhd. and my sisters daughter who refuses to take Ritalin ( good for her). One of my brothers sons has also been diagnoised with aspergers. he spends most of the day sleeping. It is screamingly obvious to me they all have thyroid issues. When I look at them I can just see history repeating itself and find it heartbreaking. I have said to my Brother (who is a Dr ) to get their thyroids tested he just changes the subject. I suppose I have become a bit of thyroid bore which is why no-one takes any notice, his two older sons keep retaking their final year at University the oldest one is nearly 27 now and my brother is broke and stressed because he has to keep forking out for them. Does anyone know of any case studies where people have turned their life around who have been misdiagnoised with adhd. Incidently my Sister who has no attention span thinks I have adhd. She is in denial about her throid issues. There is a History of thyroid problems in my family . My late Sister (the other one) had Anyway I have have tried and failed so if anyone has any ideas or stories that would be a great help. Thanks.

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sorry meant to say my late Sister had Addisons disease. How do I edit post?


Click on down arrow next to reply and then edit.


Maybe your brother/sister-in-law should read one or two of the following but if he is stressed he may think he's about to have a nervous breakdown.


In the past we have had quite a few members who've been in mental hospitals and, eventually, diagnosed as hypo. That will do their medical history no good if looking for employment. I think it is, if they have had a thyroid blood test, that they only looked at their TSH and not Free T4s and Free T3s as those would be of more use I think. (not medically qualified).



I would look at diet first. It seems so many young people are anaemic. No more once a week liver in our diets :-) Low iron - B12 - Folate - VitD have similar symptoms to low thyroid and as we know thyroid hormones do not work well in the body when levels are low.

I have a sleepy grandson and all his results of the above were low and his academic abilities have plummeted.

Please read the book - Could it Be B12 ? - by Sally Pacholok. She has also written one with children in mind. When B12 is below 500 it can become a neurological issue if left untreated.


Scroll down for the neurological and other signs and symptoms of Low B12. Also click onto the FILMS in the Menu where you can watch videos showing the seriousness of B12 deficiency.

I too am a concerned Grandma with 5 grandchildren to keep an eye on :-) - and it has taken years for my children to listen to my concerns !


Hi bobbyb, I remember doing some research into Autism and Thyroid a year or two ago and recall reading ADHD, Aspergers, baby blues, bi polar, depression, tourettes etc., were connected with low thyroid. Do check it out yourself to be sure. Sorry I have no links, but I also recall that taking T3 helped these conditions. Again check it out in case I am wrong.

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