Any idea what may be happening?

hi guys I am now two weeks post right side partial thyroidectomy where they took out isthmus and did a level 6 neck dissection as well. Scar is healing up really well and slowly getting back to normal, still getting very tired very quickly. For the last three days I've been under a great deal of stress due to just being informed I may be made redundant. I am experiencing some symptoms and not sure what to make of them. I am really hot most of the time, was always cold before but now am just cooking, even sat in cold room all day I am hot and at night I am waking up just melting. My hair has started falling out. I am not overly hungry and feel mentally super awake though physically exhausted with periods of breathlessness on exertion and I am getting quite a lot of pain on the left side of my neck. I am also very hoarse still and really struggling with talking. I have my follow up appointment with cons on 6th Nov where hopefully find out if its cancer or not. Just wondered if anyone had experienced similar or had advice to offer? I have to say I don't feel like myself at all at the moment.

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  • Also getting some random muscle twitches in that same left side feels really weird

  • Hi, Are you on any medication to replace the missing part of thyroid or are they assuming you will manage without? It sounds to me as though you definitely need something. I am not familiar with your particular op as I had total thyroidectomy for Graves' disease and started on Levothyroxine immediately afterwards. My advice would be do not wait for your next appointment but call on Monday and speak to a secretary. Ask for someone to get back to you ASAP. It cannot be normal to take out pieces of thyroid and then leave patients floundering. Makes me so angry for you. I hope you get help quickly. Another thought is whether there is any damage to your parathyroids which might explain the twitching. They may recover quickly but you could need calcichews for a few days.

  • No they said my levels were ok two days post op and my calcium levels had dipped then risen back up so no meds at all the twitching is only in my neck. This morning I have puffy eyelids and the remaining lymph glands on the left side are puffed up too am wondering if fighting something off ive been exposed to flu twice thus week because of work and redundancy meetings

    Am taking herbal meds to boost immune system. If still like this on Monday will phone the cons office. Thanks for the reply

  • Hi I had a partial thyroidectomy 10 years ago. The hoarseness takes a while to go as does the pain high up near the ear. I think they have a good poke around whilst in there to check that all is well. Have to admit my temperature control is not what it was. If I get cold it takes ages to warm up and if I get hot then cooling down takes a while. I would go back to your consultant to double check things. It was a 6- 9 months before my levels dropped and I started on meds. Since then I have had no real problems so I think the half that's left is producing enough with the help of a low dose of thyroxine. The muscle twitching could just be the nerves healing after the op. Try not to worry too much.

  • Ps. The tiredness is due to all the stress both pre and post op, plus you had a long op with a high level of anaesthetic, which takes 6 months to get out of your system. So rest as much and as often as you need to.

  • The first thing that springs to mind is to make sure you don't have a fever- it could be a sign you have an infection. Other signs are redness, hot to touch in the wound area and swelling. I did get twitching right after my TT and was told it was due to calcium levels being off. I really would seek medical advice because you have had a big operation. Hope you feel ok soon.

  • I k ow its not a fever had a period yesterday afternoon when I went totally freezing all over like I used to be I think its definitely my temp control trying to balance out had a bit more twitching last night so am wondering if my calcium levels have dropped again.

  • I had a total thyroidectomy. At first they did a scan and it was cancer in the lymph glands, thyroid and 84 nodules in the neck. It took me one month to recover. I had complications such as lupus and newmonia. Yours symptoms should ease, it just takes time. Mean while I think you should try and see if you can get an urgent appointment with your gp or see if you can get an earlier appointment for your follow up. Just rest as much as possible. I hope you get well soon. Ps. See if you can get some supplements such as; ensure plus.

  • Will go to gp tomorrow she us very good and being very supportive think perhaps I've misjudged just how much thus has affected me, hank you

  • It's ok. It is good she is supportive. Goodluk.

  • I hope you have seen your GP by now and he/she has helped ease your symptoms. It must be tough for you recovering from surgery and having the threat of redundancy hanging over your head. I had my partial done on 30th sept and I'm still very tired, probably due to neck pain, lack of sleep and not eating properly. I was shocked how much this surgery has taken out of me. It's a pity you had to return to work so soon. It sounds like you need more rest.

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