Anyone else suffering horrendous muscle fatigue?:(


I have been suffering with an under active thyroid now since the birth of my daughter 5 years ago, which went undiognosed for 6 months. I went to my gp as I was suffering depression and very bad muscle fatigue, since being on my meds this has improved and continued to improve when I started running and then cycling.

I use to do moderate amounts of running which use to make me feels great but I have progressed to cycling and the first few months were great but now I am suffering muscle fatigue to the point where it's painful, I'm just wondering if the excuses "that I'm doing to much" or "that I'm tired" may not actually be down to my cycling and that it maybe related to my thyroid as I've given myself decent breaks with no change and if anything it's getting worse.

Is there anyone else with an under active thyroid that has found that their thyroid condition impacts on sports or activities they do? If so do you have any advice on how best to work through it?

Thanks everyone :)

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  • Hi You could be under treated, make sure you are tested for TSH, T4 and Free T3. Also the other related tests as this could contribute to the problem. Especially vit D ( hormonal), if low , a corrected calcium test before treatment, iron/ferritin, needs to be well in range, ask them to also do the % for absorption, very useful, written on form, B12 + foliates, should be high in range, diabetes, also hormonal and autoimmune.

    When first on thyroid treatment , should have frequent retests followed by adjustments in treatment. Always ask for a print out with ranges ( differ) from the receptionist.

    Best wishes,


  • Jackie,

    Thanks for your reply I will most certainly ask for my levels now you have mentioned it, I have a long time ago been tested for various other things which high lighted I had jaundice but since then they havent checked my thyroid or my liver function and this was well over a year ago. My surgery isnt the most helpful and you feel like you have to beg for an appointment and asking for anything elseis like asking for miracles :(

  • Yes, most of our GP`s leave a lot to be desired so very important to keep an eye on everything. I had autoimmune for a hepatitis, Gastro seeing weekly, GP a lot, none diagnosed it, yellow and very ill. It took my cardio ( new) to diagnose. after a year, vomiting , yellow etc., .The annoying thins is if I had known it could be autoimmune, I would have diagnosed myself. Lots of other mistakes too, even the best docs, and I have some brilliant ones, I keep checking!!

    Remember too if GP will not do the tests you can get them on line, now.

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  • Hi yes yes and yes. Have gone through all you have described and believed I was working too hard in an attempt to lose thyroid weight gain. Do not ignore this as I did for years. I now attend a neurologist as I have muscle damage. In my case the weakness fluctuates and am fighting to see a thyroid specialist having only diabetes specialist in my area. I have been unable to stabilize my levels and have been told am very unusual! They should read these pages! I don't want to appear in any way negative but feel that you have to push to get the help you need from the medical profession and go to them as soon as you notice any change after a thyroid diagnosis.Good luck.

  • Thanks tdcc

    I have found my gp is exstremly unhelpful and most my concerns and questions fall on deaf ears also, its really frustrating.

    I have spent months blaming it on not eating the right foods, exercising to much, not warming up properly, but ive addressed all of these factors and nothing has changed so the only other thing I can think of is that its my thyroid

    I hope you manage to get yours sorted to x

  • Hi Rvivvyw,

    I too had muscle fatigue, jumping around all over pains, felt I could no longer do exercises as it hurt me, thought I might have to change jobs even as it was getting really bad. Don't think anyone realised how bad I felt.

    After posting on here several members mentioned I might have Fibromyalgia.

    Went back to Doctor who did vit D + another thyroid tests, 'cos I said how bad I felt.

    Dr. upped my Levo to 75 and added in Vit D. This seemed to make no difference.

    I read several Thyroid Uk member's had mentioned how much better they felt when they took their Levo at night time on an empty stomach with water. (Also read to keep milk/dairy 4 hours away from taking Levo.)

    If taking Vit D apparently it needs to be taken with food to help it absorb.

    By Taking my Levo at night and vit D during mid day with food I am feeling really good, had no pains now for almost a week, brain's no longer foggy so my concentration level is far better, but best bit of all I am jumping around dancing to music again and feeling quite fit and know I can exercise again, (but will wait awhile just in case this is all a dream :) )

  • Hi coast walker, strange you should mention taking levo at night because I actually switched from taking it at night to morning about a year ago and I have felt as if I have stopped taking it all together the last 6 months with how awful I have felt, im waking up exhausted, feel like I have the inability to juggle things and I get flustered easily and then the obvious is my horrendous muslce fatigue :(

    How has your sleep been since taking it at night? Have you found you have been sleeping better or worse?

  • have you tried b12 with folate and vitamin d with calcium these have helped me so much with my muscle aches

    if after 2 months also try coq10 if aged below 40 ,ubiquinol if above 40

  • Hi,yes I to had muscle fatigue,to the point where my muscle's went solid all over my body and I could barely use them,they were brick hard to touch with no give in them,neurologist was at a lose to find out what was wrong,until him and another doctor who dealt with muscle diseases discovered I had under active thyroid and I had something called Hoffmans syndrome,I was put on levo and built up to a 150 a day,I still have some muscle pain but nowhere near what it was and the stiffness was gone within a few weeks,I also take,vit D,folic acid,co,q 10,and krill fish oil.

    best wishes

  • Iv`e been getting muscle pains from time to time, if I exert myself & don`t eat beforehand. I don`t have much get up & go these days. I`m wondering if I need an increase in my thyroid meds. Iv`e managed to sign on with a new doctor, & have an appointment on the 6th of next month, so I`ll be able to get some tests done. Meanwhile I`m researching supplements on the internet that I hope will help.

  • Hi rvivvyw. Yes I have had the same thing happen but I was having regular blood tests. My levo dose has gone from 50mcg to alternating 112/125 (over 18 mths). I was getting truely frustrated but found the best way go keep going was to just keep exercising and just stop when fatigue hit even if that was only 20mins and trust that sooner or later I would find a way through this. I began taking levo at night some time ago and that helped then I started on vit B12 even though my blood work while not great was within normal range (ferratin was low normal) and I believe that is when things started to turn around. There are still days when feel my legs are wobbly but overall I am much better!

    Hope you reslove your fatigue soon. :)

  • watch this hour long video please

  • I have untreated hypo/hashis and suffer with muscle fatigue/ muscles are not near as strong as they should be.i have read that the thyroid antibodies actually attack hormone receptors in the actual muscles:thats why they have little energy!i have also read that it is bad to overexert muscles with hypo;because it can damage them(that incl the heart muscle!)I do alot of walking and want to start a bit of 'interval' jogging but maybe it d be too much...

  • Can you remember where you read about possible damage to muscles from over exertion? Would like to follow up. Thanks.

  • About the immune system targeting the thyroid hormone 'receptor' cells in the muscles;i just read recently in a Daily Mail article by Ian Probert(a hypothyroid patient who suffered for 30yrs before acurate diagnosis!)The other thing i read about muscles being damaged by overexertion(in hypo)was a book i have;'The Thyroid Solution..'by Dr Ridha Arem.I've just dug it out from my bottom shelf now and actually will be reading it more as i had forgotten how v informative it is..!

  • Thanks

  • Hi, I'm another previously diagnosed with fibro now with myxoedema and have bad muscle stiffness and pain. I flare all over with muscle stiffness/cramping/pain esp after exertion some times far worse than others. I used to be extermely active but have to plod now. I've just read about hypothyroid myopathy...seems a common condition.

    Also intersting is that a lot of pioneers believe at the root of fibro is thyroid insuffiency. Check out John Lowe on metabolic rehab. Wishing you and all us mucle sufferers luck with our correct medical dosing. xxx

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