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Periods and hypothyroidism linked???

Sorry in advance if TMI

I moved from UK to US in Feb, and in May switched to Armour

Anyway, after that switch my periods became longer (9-10 days instead of 3-4). Then in August, I had the worst period ever. The first 8 days were so heavy / severe I was worried leaving the house........had Dr appt anyway for blood work, so brought it up and got put on birth control. That made my period just heavy, as opposed to horror film. On day 30 of that period I went back to my doctor and asked her if I was under medicated (she said no as my TSH was in normal range, at 2.5....and that it was a fluke my cycles changed since switching medication)

So, she prescribed progesterone for 10 days, and my period stopped on day 33. Problem is, its now 2 and a half weeks since period stopped, and now its back :(

Is this a medication issue, or menopause (I'm 41)? No night sweats or hot flashes, but I am so exhausted its unreal.......

Any advice appreciated

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When my tsh was that high i felt really ill! I wiuldnt be surprised if your undermedicated. I would push for an increase, hopefully someone will be along soon with some more detailed advice


Do you have your latest blood tests to post here for people to comment. Free T4, Free T3 and TSH is really what is needed. Also what were you taking before Armour, what dose and what dose of Armour are you taking now? No other symptoms apart from tiredness and period problems?


Pre Armour I was on 125mg levo, switched in may and put on 60mg Armour which was increased to 90mg in July. No Free T3or Free T4 measured, but here's what I do have..

TSH (range .35 - 4.5)

May (pre switch) 0.079

July 8.757

Sept 2.344

Oct 2.512

Total T4 (range 5 - 12.5)

May 9.8

July 1.4

Sept 5.1

Oct 5.4

T3 Uptake (range 22.5 - 37)

May 35.4

July not given over phone

Sept 27.2

Oct 23

Free Thyroxine Index (range 1 - 3.9)

May 3.5

July ?

Sept 1.4

Oct 1.2

I tried google to try and interpret results but most articles said total T4 etc obsolete and Free is better way to measure, so I not too sure what to make of it all.

Symptoms mostly sheer exhaustion and period related. Skin no change, hair and nails huge improvement since switch to Armour. Weight increasing though :( but that could be that I'm too tired to exercise.....


Thanks. Weird thing is that I felt better when my TSH was higher (before switch to Armour)

I have made an appt with another doctor as I don't feel confident with the one I have. She was reluctant to prescribe Armour and told me it was unstable etc......all my issues are since the switch :(


It appears that your levels have been dropping although I am not familiar with these ranges. My feeling is you need more Armour. 90 is not a high dose and although one should increase slowly, it is probably well over time for another increase. There is a USA website called Stop the Thyroid Madness, which has a great deal of info on taking Armour. We are not as familiar here, although I have tried and failed many times to get along with it and am now on T3 only. Hope this helps a little. x


heavy periods = anemia

until the anemia is sorted you will not absorb the armour correctly or any other thyroid med


My understanding is that under treated hypothyroidism can cause amenorreah ( cessation of periods) . Sometimes normal periods can be resumed. I was undertreated for years. When i was taking between 25 and 75mcg thyroxine my periods stopped age 39. I felt much better when I was taking a higher level of thyroid replacement hormones but my periods didn't return. I now take 4 grains of armour and am quite well on that ( equivalent t0 approx 240 levothyroxine).


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