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HI I am on the Wilson protocol, I am taking time release T3 twice a day. I know a lot of you take jdust t3 but I want to find out : My time for taking the med is 0615 and 1815 at night, I start to wind down about 1500 and my legs really ache and i feel tired. I don't get a boost until my dose at 1815. is this normal ? also I feel a bit hazy full of energy between 11 and 13 then a crash even my brain slows down. My eyes are not focused as good as they should be.

The good thing is my body temperature is only down now by only a half a degree F.


John C

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I'm sorry I cannot answer your question. Just for your information if it is Dr Dennis Wilson's protocol you're following. If it is this is an excerpt from Dr Lowe:-

This may seem trifling, and indeed, the issue of which comes first, increased temperature or enzyme activity, may only be an academic concern. But other issues I believe Dr. Wilson gets wrong have practical implications. For example, I don’t believe sustained-release T3 is the best use of T3. The reason? The longer T3 stays in the small intestine, the greater the chance that calcium and other agents in food will bind some of the T3. The binding will then carry the T3 out in the patient’s stool, reducing the amount that reaches his blood.

If you go to the date February 4, 2008 to read the whole answer:-


Hi thanks for the note. You may be correct. I have tried so many drs and methods and it has cost me a lot and so money. This is my last chance to be able to feel well and have a normal life. i do feel that its the reverse T3 that is causing the problem as I was ok on NHS thyroxin for around 6 months before my troubles started. Also I have a low body temperature and low blood pressure(but that may be a run in the family as my mother is the same.) If I could find my nanny mcphee or my fairy godmother to wave a magic wand I would do that. One thing is I would not have my thyroid taken out if I had a second chance but it is what it is a that is it.


John C

Hi I just wanted to add. I can understand where Dr Wilson is coming from with his protocol as he steps up to massive doses of T3 . i guess this is to stifle your thyroid and stop it making any thyroxin, 2 reasons to given it a rest and to stop t4 being produced in your body. My big concern is I have no thyroid and I have to stop taking any meds for three days and to go down to very small doses of the med. i suspect I will go very cold and sleep for the most at this end of the treatment. Whats a crap condition this is. if you see a Dr they tell you your are depressed.

You take anti depression tablets you still feel crap but you don't care because to the meds.

Have you heard of Paul Robinsons T3 protocol?

He has 2 great books - recovering with T3 and CT3M. It details the circadian method. Basically you split your T3 into 3 or 4 daily doses to spread the effect of the peaks and troughs.

Hmm no I have not, I will keep it in mind though. I want to try Dr wilsons treatment out as I really don't want to take T3 for the rest of my life. one its expensive and two I have had heart problems in the the past(AF) and T3 is not good for heart problems. I believe if I can tolerate NDP then I may have a chance.

Thanks again for your reply.


There are two hypo-allergenic NDT's made by the same company, RLC Labs. Nature-throid and WP pure (a bit more expensive this one). As you probably know, all NDT's contain all that our own thyroid gland produces.

Hi john

Have you tried to take your 2nd dose earlier in the afternoon? How well do you sleep? What about in the evening-are you very alert and restless at bedtime and during the night?

Maybe if you took T3 2oclock. It would stop your afternoon slump! You maybe more tired in the evenings but that's not such a bad thing. You could also try 3 doses?

Good luck. Hope you find a solution that suits you soon :-)


John, if you have had a TT then I doubt Dr. Dennis Wilson's protocol is appropriate. His protocol uses doses of T3 to clear RT3 and depends on a functioning thyroid. That is my understanding of it. If you have had a TT then the usual course of action is full replacement with a suppressive dose if thyroid cancer. Did you test for RT3? What exactly is the protocol you are following? If you are having problems with levothyroxine that is not unusual but the solution would be NDT or T3 in an adequate dose. Please give us more of a full picture including the exact protocol you are following. PR

Hi I have tired everything. My biggest problems is I cannot tolerate NDT I come out in a rash. With NHS thyroxin I get very short of breath as though my diagram is crushed and stopping me breathing . the most i can take is 100 MCT of NHS thyroxin, any slightest above this I get paputaions reading heart and very anxious. This T3 is the best I have felt for around 2 years.

Previously I was on a high dose of NDP and NHS thyroxin but take with 50 MG of DHEA that way I can up my dose of Thyroxin and tolerate it but stupid me , listened to and endo who told me I don't need DHEA and I stopped taking it. I cannot get back to feeling well until now. I was working in Brisbane in 2011 and saw a dr there who said I had to much RT3 which made sense but I did not follow though his medicine. Lets see what happens , My temperature has come up a little and the treating dr know I have not thyroid.


If you are taking T3 I suggest you take the non-time release. Most people on straight T3 multi-dose, 2-5 times a day. For info on recovering with T3 Paul Robinson literally wrote the book, "Recovering With T3". His website is recoveringwitht3.com/ His Facebook page is facebook.com/recoveringwitht3 He has a Facebook group you can join with some experienced people who help others. It sounds like you are not converting T4 but the Wilson protocol is not the right approach in my mind. Check out the recovering with T3 site. PR

I think you need to experiment with timings / or perhaps switch to non time release as you have more control over it if it's not time release

As I mentioned earlier I have had AF and had surgery on my heart, I cannot afford to play around with T3 as it will cause problems with my heart.

I have to be under the control of a Dr. Thanks for your reply.

John C

Although difficult to get a script in the UK, RLC labs makes WP Thyroid for those with reactions to the fillers and binders in some NDT pills. wpthyroid.com/ The other alternative is to use a compounding pharmacy so the capsules do not contain fillers and binders. Did your doctor in the UK put you on the Wilson protocol? I did not see the comments about AF and heart surgery earlier, yes you need to be careful but T3 is necessary for good heart health. Good luck with your difficult situation. I hope you find a doctor that can find a solution for you. Usually in people with heart conditions they start with a very small dose and work up very gradually to no more then 2 grains depending on how the patient tolerates each dose level. The amounts used in the Wilson protocol would seem totally inappropriate. I hope you find a solution with a competent doctor. PR

I'm starting to find that if you have enough T3 in your system, you don't get the peaks and troughs that so many people mention. I used to get very marked swings, basically because I was undermedicated, but am now taking 40mcg on waking, and 20mcg at lights out as I sleep so much better with a night dose. With this in mind, John, and even though the AF must be a concern, I think you would benefit from a stable dose of T3 high enough to eradicate your hypo symptoms, and once you're taking enough, the swings should go away. You mention stopping meds or very low doses for 3 days, which I assume is part of the Wilson Protocol. Hmmm. Well you don't have to look very far on the web to see that Wilson's press is not all good, and, unlike you and me, he hadn't had a Total Thyroidectomy. If he had, I doubt he would have put up with his Protocol for very long - it's designed to mess you up, and surely no good for TT people. If you want sound advice, Dr Lowe as per Shaws above or Paul Robinson are a far better bet.

HI Mick,

Thanks for your reply. I note your concerns and agree with you. I have seen so many drs and spent so much money on them, I have to be really choosy and spend wisely now as I am not working and living off of my wife. I have seen drs from South Africa and Belgium and many in and around London. The south african one was the best and enabled me to get back to work but I was being overdosed on thyroxin and lost lots of weight and could not justify flying back and forth to Joburg all the time. Having had a heart problem I am very concerned as with most of the drs they seem to want to just overdose you with meds.

I saw a Dr in Brisbane he felt that my problem was RT3 , he had all the arguments and it all made sense. He did mention that the wilson Programme had not been widely accepted in medical establishment but that DR Chopra had the same ideas and his papers were accepted. I am seeing this dr in Hove and so far I like what she says and feel comfortable . I am surprised and confused about the amount of t3 I can tolerate, mainly as I could only tolerate 100mcr of NHS thyroxin. Any slightest increase in the dose and I would get a racing heart, shortness of breath a rash on the face.

It all adds up to RT3. I am really looking for a Nanny Mcphee to come into my life and bang a stick so I feel well but that is not going to happen, so i have to stick with the lady in Hove and see how it goes.

One thing is for sure my body temperature is low and its gone up half a degree , I need another one half a degree and fingers crossed I may be also to go on NDP.

I am hoping I can tolerate NDP as it has all the produce that my thyroid use to make and perhaps that may hep me. I am also low on testosterone but the NHS feel that is a better option than having a high reading because of cancer. I did try a testosterone supplement but had side effects on this med.

My biggest problem since seeing an endo that stopped all my drugs is a tightness in my diaphragm which causes terrible shortness of breath. Dr Skinner and at that time I did not believe him said that is your low on t3 your diaphragm goes into a spasm. I believe him now.

A bit of a winded reply but I wanted to put my case as I am not the normal patient. Also its refreshing to be told that my problems not depression related and take these pills and go away.



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