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Query about antibodies test

hi folks,

Just a little question...

Had antibodies tested after hypo diagnosis and they were negative, i dont know which test it was or if there are more than one??

Im curious if it could be wrong for the simple reason that my family is full of autoimmune diseases, mum has antiphospholipid and sjogrens, dad underactive, sister and brother hashimotos.

Was diagnosed postpartum but bloods 2 and half yrs ago showed low t4.

Thanks all, just curious!

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Hi grace, yes there are more than one and two are listed here.

Some autoimmune issues arise, even if genetic, because of lifestyle or trigger foods or stress or viruses so if you are doing everything right, you may avoid it.

This video about TPO might interest's five minutes.


There are two standard antibody tests used to try to determine if the person has Hashimoto's. These are Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies and Thyroglobulin antibodies.

It is possible to be positive on one but not the other. Please don't take these as accurate numbers but it is something like 90% of Hashimoto's patients are positive to TPOab, and 80% to TGab.

TSH Receptor antibody tests are used for Graves.

Other antibody tests might be relevant for some people.



having said the above, there is also a TSI test for graves, not to mention, thyroid antibodies fluctuate wildly with any of these conditions, there if blood results do not detect any antibodies it doesn't mean autoimmune isn't present.


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