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antibodies test


Hi, I have just been ade to feel an idiot at the doctors. My tsh came back at 2.31, it was preiously tested last July and was 1.68.

I took the chart and symptom checklist from this site and the doc didnt even bother to look at it, she got annoyed and said she would test for antibodies but she suspected i was fine.

I am a foster carer and I worry about persuing this as they might lable me as being a hypochondriact.

What do you think of those tsh levels and what should I be looking for in the antibodies results?

P.s - I have many symptoms, the last being a full womb ablation due to heavy periods.


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I can't help with the techy stuff, but I do sympathise - it is a pain when GP's try to ignore your concerns. My attitude would be that they are supposed to work for and with us, so you might ask your GP why she has a problem with that? Stand up to her and state your needs, or maybe think about changing doctor. Good luckx

greygoose in reply to Hiphypo

I quite agree!

Beautifulme, I guess, from your tone, that you haven't yet been diagnosed or treated. Your TSH may be 'in range' (which is all they seem to care about) but it's obviously too high for you. Why else would you be having symptoms?

I can understand your concerns about being labeled a hypocondriac - I'm afraid I don't know anything about fostering - but ask yourself what use you are going to be to those kids if you get sicker and sicker.

Anyway, she's testing for antibodies, so maybe something will come of that.

Best wishes and hugs, Grey

You need to get the T4, T3 and thyroid antibodies tested.

Hi Beautifulme,

As carers they want us to have flue injections so why not test for antibodies? Maybe because they get paid for flu injections! If you do manage to get tested for antibodies, make sure you get results with ranges and try and keep a check on them for future reference. Janet.

thanks everyone, sometimes i think i am going mad and imagining it all!

Hi Beautifulme

If you are getting your antibodies tested, make sure you get results for the 2 different types of antibodies (TPO and Antithyroglobulin). The reason I am saying this is that some labs only test for TPO antibodies and do not test for Antithyroglobulin antibodies unles the TPO come back positive. This is so wrong. Though uncommon, it is possible to only have Antithyroglobulin antibodies. This is my case. I found out about these following a blood test I had done abroad during a home visit. When I asked my GP for treatment upon my return, he insisted on testing me here. As the lab here only tested for TPO antibodies, these did not show up and I was dennied a diagnostic (!) and was told to go away... I am now seeing a private doctor who had the tests repeated (I had to pay for them privately) and the repeated tests confirmed very elevated Antithyroglobulin antibodes and no TPO antibodies whatsoever. Thankfully, I am now medicated, but it goes to show that there is no point in testing unless the testing is thorough.

thank u v much for this information.. i have suspected hypothyroidism for decades..every time i was tested i had either the TSH only or very recently TSH,T3 and T4 all results within range. The most recent,a month or so ago,in a meeting with a consultant re the general deterioration of my health.i had to behave very assertively arguing with him who refused to refer me for an antibodies test as he cld see no reason..hoever and after my insistence.he suggested that he refers me to endocrinologist (many symptoms that suggest thyroditis and are not explained by other medical test investigations)and i have an appointment next month..if it doesnt work out i intend to spend off my little precious savings and go privately..

will update on the site..thnx again,very helpful

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