Biopsy was apparently inconclusive. Spoke to Thyroid Cancer Nurse who told me I was borderline for thyroid cancer and biopsy would have to be redone. She definitely told me this. Receive letter telling me no abnormal cells found. Appointment made to attend biopsy clinic to discuss biopsy results and possibility of another biopsy to gain more material. What's going on. I thought I was terminal!

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  • Hi Well I hope this is good news. It would seem that the first biopsy was not conclusive and a second one will be done, just to make sure all OK. From this I personally would deduce that it will not be too bda even if there,, or it would have been found the first time.

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  • Thank you I just feel as if I am going around and around and I want to get off this roundabout. I have a lovely life and I want to get back to it and feel normal. My TSH is at 12 it is going up. T4 is at 19 the range is up to 19.5. I feel dreadful. I have hashimos I was only diagnosed in June. My endocrinologist wants to do a wait and see. My antibodies are over 6500. I have about 3 months feeling dreadful I then I have this high for 3 weeks maximum. I was on thyroxine for a year and I went hyper. Taken off heart palpitations. I am having heart palpitations again. Now there are no meds to come off. I am scared to go out because I have to pull over in laybys because this tiredness comes over me and I have to sleep. I hv gone up 3 dress sizes the weigh just keeps piling on. I have no pituitary problems. I don't know what to do.

  • sounds like you are not on the correct meds yet. Do you have blood tests monthly? If not request them and ask for T4 and T3 as well and post here....in the meantime while you feel so stressed book a monthly massage or acupuncture. I have both and love them.x

  • I had two inconclusive fine needle biopsies. I think a lot of them are inconclusive, tbh. If the second one is inconclusive they are likely to want to just monitor you. Thankfully my endo was very much of the 'If in doubt, whip it out' mentality so I had a partial thyroidectomy after the second inconclusive.

  • Was yours malignant?

  • Hi I had 2 inconclusive biopsy results and also went along the wait and see root for 6 months. At this point consultant recommended having it removed. I had multi nodular goitre and told the longer I left it the bigger it would get. I had a total thyroidectomy just over 2 weeks. It wasn't half as bad as I expected and recovery is going well so far. Waiting pathology results to see if there was anything to worry about. But at least now I'm not living with the unknown like before.

  • I am glad everything going well for you. It all seems a bit hit and miss. It seems that if you go for one of these biopsies you have this life sentence hanging over you every 6 months to a year when you have to go through the whole thing again. I am amazed that there is not a more efficient way of determining malignancy.

  • I am having blood tests my TSH is at 12 my free T4 is at 19 (10-19.8) Free T3 is 6.5 anti TSH receptor is at 0.5 (0-1). Apparently I am in range. Have hashimos and not on meds. Tried thyroxine for one year did not really bring TSH down and I ended up being hyper. No pituitary issues. Adopting a watch and see. Feel dreadful, huge weight gain, brought winter clothes down from attic cant fit into any of them. No energy and if I did not know better would think I had alhzeimers. Put chicken in aga and left it in there 48 hours. Completely forgot about it. Repeating myself when talking to people. Can be driving along and forget where I am going. Having to write things down can't remember things. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

  • Had your B12 tested?


  • Hi,

    Just wanted to reassure you but don't think you have Alzheimer's, as there is research being done that its caused by a thyroid problem and can be treated with T3.

  • No they have not tested for any vitamin deficiencies just feel so bloody awful. I am under an Endo and GP seems loathe to get involved says they are the experts.

  • You can do tests privately? You can get a Myrios B12/folate finger prick test for about £20, they also do iron (ferritin) and vit D:


    I've done the B12/folate one, results came back to me within 2 days. The results are in nmol/L so you have to convert them if you want to compare it to other results posted on here. There is a cheaper vit D test here:


    Also Blue Horizon do ferritin, folate, B12 for £46 with discount code TUK10, but there's a medical fee and you have to get the blood drawn:


    You could try again to get your GP or Endo to run these tests for you, but at least you have other options.

    H x

  • They don't want to treat me with anything. Wait and see what happens is the response I get. At what point will they say something needs to be done?

  • Thank you

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