I don't know anymore

Hypothyroid, graves hashimotos?? I have been told it all. Now I'm told to stay off any thyroid meds for 6 weeks than I will know for sure. I'm praying. I just ordered Paul Robinsons book on t3 healing. Maybe it will help. I jave stop the thyroid madness but the section is small on adrenal / hypothyroid. So I'm hoping his book will help. Thyroid meds keep making me sicker.

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  • Darlene1,

    If thyroid peroxidase &/or thyroglobulin antibodies are over range autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) is confirmed. It may take years/decades for Hashimoto's to cause hypothyroidism.

    Hypothyroidism is diagnosed when either TSH is over range, or FT4 is below range. 90% of hypothyroidism is caused by Hashimoto's.

    If you are optimally dosed on Levothyroxine but feeling worse your GP should check adrenal function. Some people don't tolerate Levothyroxine but it is darn near impossible to get a doctor or endo to consider this or to trial Liothyronine (T3) or NDT.



  • What type of thyroid hormones have you taken so far? I am sorry they've made you feel worse.

  • Synthroid for 4 years, then synthroid with cytomel, armour, wp thyroid. Now after all these years of hypo. Endo says I'm a flipper. It might be graves. I always feel better than after a month I crash. Yes I have been treating my adrenal fatigue for a year with a holistic dr. We both thought I was ready for thyroid meds again but I crashed hard again. I had labs 4 days ago but endo says wait another 5 weeks and do labs again then I will have a diagnosis. Thanks for y'all's in put I appreciate it. I know this is nothing new for people struggling with thyroid symptoms.

  • You haven't tried T3 on its own I think which might suit you. Also your previous synthroid/t3 the T3 may have been too low with synthroid. Up-to-date info suggests a 3 to 1 (T4/T3) combination as most successful.

  • Oh only my t3 is low nothing else. Not t4 or free t4, tsh is in normal range.

  • But T3 is the important one - although now I'm not sure if you mean TT3 or FT3. The Total readings Don't give you any useful information, it's always the Frees you should get.

    If your FT4 is high and your FT3 is low, then you have a conversion problem and should investigate nutritional deficiencies :

    vit D

    vit B12




    If you have nutritional deficiencies, that would explain why thyroid hormone replacements make you ill. Your nutritionally deficient body cannot use them.

    Have you had your antibodies tested? It's simple enough to tell the difference between Hashi's and Graves because they're different antibodies. So, if he 'thinks' you have Graves, all he has to do is test them.

    But Graves wouldn't 'flip' between hypo and hyper. That's Hashi's. I think your doctor needs to do a lot more testing before he can make you well. :)

  • Yes my free t4 is normal never high at least most times and my free t3 is low with always a high reverse t3. My iron , vit d, b12 etc are all actually high (optimal) because my holistic dr has me on a high vitamin cocktail for a year. Yes originally all my nutrients were depleted. I got my antibodies tested 4 years ago and again 5 days ago. However she said the thyroid med I was on for 45 days needs to completely wash out of my system than she will do all labs agin in 4-5 weeks. I don't quite understand because antibodies in blood would not change? But I'm following her endo advice .

  • Antibody levels change all the time. That's why you can't rule out autoimmune on just one negative test. But if you've had a positive test, then you have an autoimmune disease.

    If it's TPOab or TgAB, then you have Hashi's. If you have TRab, then it's Graves. Or, you could have both. But, once you've got it, you've got it, so I Don't see the point of stopping your hormone before testing. That won't change your autoimmine disease.

    It really would help if you posted your results for people to see. Otherwise, we're just making wild guesses. But, if your FT4 is higher than the FT3 in their respective ranges, then you have a conversion problem - which is pretty common with Hashi's.

    Or, could be your adrenals. But, I Don't really think your endo knows very much about thyroid, does he. Or he wouldn't be floundering around like that.

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