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What are normal ranges for vitamins + minerals?

Just seen GP as thyroid test came back as normal even though feeling terrible. Took list of things that you recommend to have tested expecting to be told no after reading others experiences on here! Told GP I had joined support group + these tests were recommended + surprisingly he thought this was a good idea + promptly printed off a blood test form! The vit D + zinc test did not appear on the standard form but he wrote it on saying the hospital would know if they could be done. All tests have been done with no quibbles so awaiting results but would like to go armed with recommended levels.

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Ideally for good levo uptake and conversion your Vitd needs to be over 75, your ferritin level needs to be over 70 but nearer 90, your B12 levels needs to be over 700, although I have noticed that test ranges have changed recently so I am going on the old rang of 190 - 950.

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please be aware ranges change from lab to lab - here's just one example (mine)...

B12 (190-900) ng/l

Folate (2.0-19.0) ug/l

Ferritin (20-250) ug/l

HB (the usual iron/Haemo test) (12.0-16.0) g/dL

Vit D under 25nmol/L is deficient, over 50 adequate (we think over 80 optimal) - watch out for a different measure 'tho.

(this is the only one I know about! after (sunshine) caviar and cod liver oil the best source of Vit D is lard!)

it seems like most should be in the top third to feel better, well, that's what I've read anyway but iron shouldn't be high.

Also it is possible to overdose on fat soluble vitamins like VitD & A (takes a bit of doing 'tho!) whereas water soluble ones (like B vits) just get wee'd out! - hope this helps! J :D

I lost my previous reply about you having a good GP - hope you feel better soon - anyway here's a link about Chronic disease anaemia


Does factory farmed lard have high vitamin D levels though? I rather suspect indoor (stressed) farmed pigs might have the same problem we have, plus a bit! :-(


Hi Are you sure that you had TSH, T4 and Free T3 done. Did you have a print off with the results and important ranges on? Often now doctors just do the TSH, and say it is normal, even if a little out. Without the 3 tests impossible to know. If D low, then you need a corrected calcium test before treatment for D, ideally from an Endo or at least a GP. Retest for both after 3 months as D takes that long to be at optimum and if corrected caclium over range, you must not have treatment with You also need the other relevant tests listed on TUK site, but start with D etc.

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