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Am i ever going to feel stable?

Hi all,

All help gratefully recieved as always!

Been feeling well for last 2 months on 100 eltroxin, now suddenly having symptoms again. Last blood results were good and thought wed cracked it!

Dcember: tsh 0.27 (0.27-4.2)

T4: 18 (10.5-22)

Im just fed up to be honest, does anyone ever feel well for long? I know this means back to docs, bloods, and pester her for an increase and i just cant be bothered...also we are trying for a baby and i dont know if thats going to happen either..

Sorry to moan, just a bit fed up and would love some positive feedback xx

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If your symptoms come back you have to ask for an increase in meds. You may only need a very small addition. Dr Toft of the BTA says in his article that some need a very low or suppressed TSH to feel well. He also says some may need the addition of 10mcg of T3 and reduce the T4 by 50mcg.


thanks shaws,

will go for bloods on monday prob, wondering if i should try alternating 100/125 till then, i have some extra. My doctor was ok with me increasing myself last time based on symptoms, or should i wait till ive had the bloods? t3 is NOT prescribed in ireland. lol x


Although i have thought about buying it online...i would be worried about dosage tho. Ive never had my t3 tested but can probably persuade my doctor to do so x


If you take your meds in the morning, don't take them till after your blood tests as it can skew results.

If you take them at night miss this dose and take after blood test. It is good that your GP lets you adjust when necessary but a report I posted yesterday shows that we do better on T3/T4 than on T4 alone.

There is also another three good articles in Posts this morning. They have been an eye-opener for me this morning and I would recommend reading them. I never thought I would have to read so much or research (as we all seem to be doing) in order to get well. I am fine now on T3 alone.

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Thanks shaws..i took 125 today and feel a bit better...will that show on the bloods, or will it not show that quickly? Will take tomorrows after test, always feel so rough when i do that, i dont care what people say about levo having a long half life lol x


My GP let me increase myself as soon as test was taken. I never had T3 test until I started T3. There's a wide range of practice out there


had a good appointment, doc says she is happy for me to increase myself when necessary as she trusts im "in tune with my body"..i do love her :)


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