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Was diagnosed with Hashimotos in March 2011

I have been taking 125mcg of thyroxine and feel fine, however my blood results are: Jan 2011 T4 25.4, June T4 24. September T4 23.6. TSH undetectable each time. GP who I saw in Jan was unhappy with results, so compromised and agreed to take 100mcg Wed and Sun. After a week original symptoms came back with a vengance, aching muscles and joints, and fatigue, so self medicated back to 125. Then that GP left Practice, so in June I saw another GP who has known me for 35 years, he said he was happy with results as long as the didn't go any higher. I decided to take 100 on Sat and Sun, and 125 during the week to see if I could improve blood results. I have been fine, and T4 had gone down slightly, but higher than top end of ref. range ~ 22 ~ but saw GP last week and he was unhappy with results, although they were lower, although the TSH still undetectable. He told me to alternate 100 and125 mcgs, but today is only day three, and aching joints and muscles back again, I can only assume this has happened so quickly as I was low on LT from my weekend regime. GP said he was worried about my eyesight, but went to opticians last week, and all okay. T3 within reference range too. I thought that even if TSH was undetectable it was okay if T3 was within reference range. I do not understand that if I feel fine taking 125mcg, why the blood results contradict how I feel. I am giving this alternating regime another few days, then i am going back to 125mcg every day. Sorry for going on folks. Any commends please?

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My English Doctor told me not to worry about the numbers, and just to worry about feeling fine. My own endo here in Italy where I live was always going on about TSH being too low but I now know that with Hashimoto's it's not likely to rise, nor should it.

I now have to search for a new endo in Italy as mine passed away recently. Probably have to go through the whole thing with the numbers again. If you feel good, go for it because feeling good is amazing!!


Oh, thank you for your very positive comments! Good luck with the hunt for a new Endo, this thyroid business is an uphill struggle isnt it x


hi My TSH has always been immeasurable. As long as you have had Pituitary tests ( 24 hour urine collection), it is fine. However, I never have thyroid blood done when an inpatient, I always refuse, as once many years ago I did, and all hell broke loose! What is your FT3? I need some 3 + armour to be OK, but both my T4 and FT3 are always in range. It is possible you may feel even better and placate the GP`s if you ar shown to need T3 by the blood test and then have less T4 and a little T3. It is more important to have T3 in range ( not over) than T4. That all sounds a bit jumbled, I hope not!

best wishes,



I am on T3 only. I am only well if my TSH is well below 1.0, normally around 0.3 I have noticed a lot of people have even lower result. Higher TSH is OK for normal people but seems not for most Hashimoto patients. Fortunately my GP treats me by symptoms and not results.


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