Diagnosed underactive March 2017

Hi All,

New to this I was diagnosed in March with readings of free T4 6 (12.00-22.00) and TSH 43.12 (0.38-5.50) and antibodys Ab 500 IU/ml.

Put on good old levothyroxine 50 6 weeks wait with results now at t4 10.5 TSH 41.

Put on levothyroxine 100, 6week wait results now at T4 20.5 TSH 10.09.

My doctors called with these results and kept me on the same dose and said retest in 12 weeks, this doesn't sound right to me as I have Hypo symptoms and my heart rate used to be around 68 resting its now 49.

Any advise much appreciated, also very fit cardiovascular daily, weights 3 times a week non smoker and healthy eater.

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Hi Kevz3016, welcome to the forum. :)

Hmm although your results are heading in the right direction, your TSH is still way too high. However with your T4 now at the top of the range, your GP is unlikely to want to raise your Levo further. You may not be converting the Levo efficiently. Have you had your B12, Vit D, folate and ferritin tested? If they are too low in their ranges (even if your doctor says 'oh they are fine) then your Levo can't work properly.

Hi and thanks for the reply, B12 660 (180-914) folate 6.4 (3.0-20.00) ferritin and vit D not done I had to demand B12 GP is not great here in Northampton UK. Kev

I'd like to know where GP's ARE great! LOL. Well your B12 looks fairly respectable, but your folate is way too low. Ferritin needs to be measured as does Vit D. You could easily be deficient in those, so see if you can push your GP to test them. Either that, or if you can afford it, get a private finger prick test via Medichecks or Blue Horizon. (Or Vit D via City Assays, that one only costs £28 and it's well worth finding out).


Many thanks.

With high antibodies this is Hashimotos and Hashimoto's affects the gut

You might consider changing to gluten free diet



Definitely check vitamin D and ferritin

Hiya thanks for helping, been gluten free for about 3 months now, that's fun NOT.

Requested ferritin today and they said vit d after the results.

Diagnosed with IBS at 14 now 45. Colonoscopy booked in for next month as well. Was feeling great until flu jab Friday and heart rate has dropped to very low, was 46 in bed last night.


You just confirmed to me why I am not getting flu jab.

Stick with the gluten free, it gets easier! Retesting antibodies at least once year to see how much they are lowering can help inspire you to carry on

M&S have some good GF treats and their bread is brilliant

Increasing number of good GF beers too, even in my local pub these days

You might look at low stomach acid as slowing uptake of Levo and vitamins

Lots of posts on here about how to improve with Apple cider vinegar or Betaine HCL



Other things to help heal gut lining

Bone broth




Good film


Hi slowdragon, all excellent advise thank you very much hopefully I'll get there soon, I think mine might be alot of stress, ex army post Iraq and Afghanistan so need some calm time and how to relax. Ta


Gentle exercise, stir the blood around but not to much

Yoga is very good, it's the breathing that really helps, calms the mind, combined with gentle exercise.

You may be in minority being male at a yoga class, but less so these days.

Yeah I think I've been overdoing my exercise but I do enjoy it, there's meant to be some good yoga moves for thyroid health may try. Cheers have a good evening.


Strenuous exercise uses up T3, so yes it's may be not helping thyroid. Perhaps cut it down a bit and vary with something gentler.

Hi Kev

I was diagnosed with IBS in my 20s (had it all my life). Went gluten free in April 2016. By October IBS had disappeared. It takes about 3 months for the antibodies to leave your bloodstream and about another 3 + months for the gut to heal, so stick it out. It's worth it😉

Hi, ferritin result back.

93 n/g/ml (24-336)

Also bone test.

Serum calcium 2.39 mmol/l (2,20-2.60)

Serum protein 69 g/l (60-80)

Serum albumin 46 g/l (35-50)

Total alkaline 79 u/l (30-130)

Serum phosphate, 0.95 mmol/l (0.80-1.50)

Seems ok to me, what do you think.


Ferritin could be higher. Try eating liver once a week. Either on its own with bacon or similarcif you like it (I love it)

Or if you don't hide it in shepherds pie, spaghetti Bol, chilli etc

No vitamin D result yet?

Supplementing vitamin D, if you need it, will increase calcium levels automatically

Cheers, I'll try some liver with bacon and see how it goes, not vit D yet doctor said bone test first, I'm guessing he will say no to vit d now as calcium seems OK. Thanks again

Most of us test and supplement privately

NHS is F***** useless on nutrition and vitamins.

With thyroid we need it mid-range, usual recommendation is around 100nmol

Vitamindtest.org.uk is £28 postal kit

Testing twice a year ideally until work out what you need to keep result level.

We need more than average people as gut doesn't absorb much

For that reason best vitamin D I find is Better You vitamin D mouth spray, as avoids gut issues

Comes in various strengths. Wait till you get result to see what you need

Daily 15mins in the sun recommended too (obviously not getting much or any here in UK winter).

Great advise I'll see if they will test my vit D and move forward from there. Cheers

If you order test via Better You they send free vit D spray


Looks good thank you so much.


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