Where can i find Dr Collins Restore Toothpaste w/out fluoride? Or calcium phosphate powder? Only in US it seems

So frustrating that none of the products we really need are available in UK.

The above is meant to be the only thing that really works to seal open tubules on super sensitive teeth.

If it works, it figures that you won't find it in UK as they want to push us down the route of fluoride toothpastes and other poisons

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Sensodyne Original Non-Fluoride paste was withdrawn recently after years of production.

Widely avaiable , though sometimes special order.

Nobody knew why and I looked on line too.

It did have Strontium Chloride in it, but wasn't Radioactive, afaik! :(

It's really hard NOT to be a conspiracy theorist these days ;)

Have you tried H+B AloeDent?


I went to Boots to get some 'Smile' and found Sensodyne back on sale- though now named as 'Classic' at around £3+ Good news for all health types with sensitive teeth/gums.

I got some Smile too, to give that a try.

You can buy Smile non-flouride toothpaste from Boots. They also have a flouride version so check it is non-flouride.

I'm looking for the active ingredient novamin ie calc phos as that is what seals open tubules

Sensodyne has C.Carbonate listed.

Unfortunately, Novamin's active ingredient is actually a form of:

calcium sodium phosphosilicate

(Not, as posted, calcium phosphate.)

As others have said, Sensodyne (at least one of their products). After all, both Novamin and Sensodyne are brands/products owned by GlaxoSmithKline so it is no surprise to find the one used in the other.



GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK) is a British multinational pharmaceutical, biologics, vaccines and consumer healthcare company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Hi Bluedaffodil,

I use Forever BRIGHT, Aloe Vera toothgel, made by a company called Forever, I found it on google, as its difficult to find fluoride free mouth products, its very pleasant and cleansing.

Best wishes Helen

Have you tried Ebay they sell a couple of Dr Collins Toothpaste ! You will find his paste is baking soda based these type of pastes can be purchased in the Uk.

I have sjogrens so I also worry about my teeth. Jillymo x

Hi - i have been using fluoride free for years - what I am after now is something to seal open tubules specifically. The info i posted comes from several natural dentistry websites so i'm surprised it's wrong. They specifically say calcium phosphate (novamin) is the active ingredient. I'm going to try and buy cal phos powder and mix it with my own toothpaste.

I used sensodyne for about 4 years and it did absolutely nothing for my sensitivity. Before that I used baking soda based toothpastes

Ebay only sells the fluoride-containing Collins toothpastes. Anyhow,luckily i have a friend in the States right now and have asked him to look for Collins Restore there and bring me some back.

Have a look at Wiki!

It even has a list of products that contain Novamin.


If all you want is calcium phosphate, that is readily available. But be careful as to which sort you get.



Mind the Wiki article also says:

Dr. Collins Restore Toothpaste - No longer available as of 7 August 2013 [5](US)


:-( thanks. Hopefully my friend can still find some stock in US. i have the list of products that contain novamin but none appear to be available.

Sensodyne was on the shelf in Waitrose this very afternoon in vast quantities. It even says on the front of the outer packaging that it is "Powered by Novamin".


And note how virtually all products from the wiki list mysteriously became "no longer available".

Is there any point in Fluoride free toothpaste, you don't swallow it but Fluoride is in the water supply and you swallow loads of that?

I tend to agree with your 'not swallowing fluoride from toothpaste' comment. But fluoride in water is dependent on location. My bit of the UK doesn't fluoridate the water supply. But of course I might travel to an area that does, and then I might need to make a choice about swallowing that water!

Some water areas are naturally high in Fluoride, like mine. There's loads in Black/green teas -and I try to keep to 2 bags a day and don't 'dunk' them overlong.

[Only about 10%+ areas get 'dosed' with the chemical in UK- data online]

I wish we didn't have any in ours, you can smell it when you first turn on the tap. I don't want to drink it, I'm mad that I have to.

Ok, read all your messages, so presumably you all buy bottled water? Theres so much I have to change. How do you find out about how much fluoride you have in your own area please?

You look at the DEFRA map:


And, if you feel the need, contact the water company that supplies you.

No - never buy bottled water for reasons of fluoride. Only sometimes enjoy the taste and fizz of one or other commercial bottled water - and that is rare.


So are you saying bottled water contains fluoride?

If so, where do you get a glass of water from?!

No - I am not saying that. Some bottled water does contain fluoride; some has so little it records zero on analysis. I was answering your question. My buying of bottled water has NOTHING to do with fluoride. I don't buy it to avoid tap water. I don't NOT buy it to avoid its own fluoride content.

I drink tap water. Often, but not always, simply filtered.


Think I must be stupid but I'm not sure I understand. All I wanted to know is I drink lots of water and want to drink it without the fear of taking in too much fluoride. Looked at the map and think I may be in an area of low fluoride but will phone the company tomorrow. Only ever buy bottled water thinking there wont be fluoride in it, never imagined some contains fluoride. I;ll just have to try and afford a filter some day. Thanks.

I have no idea where you live, this document is on the West Midlands Against Fluoridation website so covers tap water in that area and a number of bottled waters:


If you want to remove fluoride you need something rather more capable than, for example, a Brita filter.


Also good for teeth (according to Weston A Price) Green Pasture fermented butter and cod liver oils (?Blue Ice Royal) available from Red23.co.uk and other places

Hi I'm new on here ...why is fluoride so bad with hypothyroidism? It sounds like it should be avoided like the plague..I drink loads of tap water ?? I'm a little confused as to what link there is?? Thanks mini :-)

Hi mini, you might find the article about fluoride on the main Thyroid UK website of interest


Thankyou red apple I will take a look :-)

Found this - only $6 to send travel kit to UK.


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