Is it common to have a red neck with a thyroid condition?

For a long time I have had a red area on my neck, pretty much where I think my thyroid is (kind of up my neck a bit and across my collar bone slightly). It's not a tiny area, and quite noticeable.

I have hashimotos and multinodular goitre (altho didn't know that until saw new endo!)

Is this common? And anyone know what causes it?

I would ask my GP but that'd be a waste of time.....

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  • I've read that a darker ring around the neck can have something to do with a diabetic problem, though.

  • Really? Oh, will do some reading. Thanks. I know my fasting glucose has been high (on what I'm worried is a pre diabetic level), but the GP has dismissed it twice. I've PCOS too which also has links to diabetes.

  • Hi Penny-babe

    I have a very noticeable red pigmentation mark on my neck that sits each side of my thyroid gland, it mimics the butterfly shape of the thyroid gland! It has been there two years or more now, and never goes away. I have hashimotos and on 125mg levothyroxine. I ask my GP once what it was, she said she didn't know! some help!

    I would be very interested if you find out what these marks are. Good luck x

  • Hi, I also have exactly what you're describing with the red pigmentation mimicking my thyroid. Have you found out anything about your condition or anything that has improved it? My neck feels uncomfortably tight sometimes too. I went to an ENT Dr who did an ultrasound and he found 2 very small nodules but said didn't look like anything serious and to come back in a year. I am 53. I feel ok and my energy is good other than I can't stand the tightness. I've been taking Armour for years. What thyroid medicine are you taking?

    Please... thoughts from anyone?

  • Hi, I am an avid forum reader, although not contributed yet, but really feel compelled to answer this. I also have this red neck thing in thyroid area which started about the same time as under-active diagnosis 2010 and has got progressively worse - to the extent that I have to put foundation on it now each day for work (I dont even wear this on my face!). Anyway, I went to GP about this in 2011, she had no idea and suggested changing fom Levo to Eltroxin (I take 100mcg daily) as could be the fillers? I did change but it had no impact on the rash at all. Interestingly I notice my sister - who was over & has RAI in 1998 and takes 150mcg also has a similar rash coming ??? Hate thyroid problems :(

  • I too have had a red neck since taking Levo - the area always feels painful (without touching) and my skin has gone kind of wrinkly too. I've mentioned it to GP but it didn't seem to merit a response.

    I'll be trying to get his opinion next time - and will be interested to hear how others get on. I'm trying to be patient with the effects of Levo and hoping they will go when I'm on the right dose - but it seems cruel to have to feel worse in various ways before you can feel better. Before Levo I was ill but felt 'myself' - now I feel like a zombie.

    On that cheerful note...!

  • Thanks for the replies. I'm glad it isn't just me!

    Mine doesn't hurt, unless I sit rubbing it like I just did to find out if it hurt. D'oh!

    I've been on thyroxine since 1995, but only noticed this really in the last several months. It seems to be getting darker now. I'm trying to get a referral back to my Endo, so will wait and ask him. Pretty sure it wasn't there last time I saw him.

    We all seem to have pretty similar stories about this tho, so there must be something in it :-/

  • I have had the red mark for as long as I can remember, I had thyroiditis once about 5 years ago, but it got better and I have recently had bumps that needed biopsies.. All test came back normal so I am not or ever have been on any meds for my thyroid. Would love to know the cause.

  • Hopefully I'll be able to find out soon. I'm just waiting for my GP to stop making excuses and give me a referral back to my Endo.

    My red neck has got a lot more noticeable lately to the point where I try and keep it covered as it's making me self conscious.

  • Hi there! Strangely enough, I didn't see this post before I put mine quite recently on the same forum. I'm not under any medication,"just" have goitre  but now I noticed that when I wake up I have quite a large reddish area around my thyroid. One of my GPS told me that I might be allergic to my necklaces but I've had them for years. Have you found out what your red skin means? My patch tends to disappear some time after I get up.

  • Wow, I didn't realise how many people suffered from this 'red neck syndrome'! My thyroid problems have been dismissed as "what do you expect during the menopause?" but I could really do without looking at if the bottom of my throat has been scalded :( it's not hot or itchy and, like a poster above, only gets sore when I start poking my neck :/ Has anyone discovered what this redness is yet? This is the 5th forum I've come across, so far, about this and can't understand if it's so common why nobody can tell us what it is.

  • On a funny note: it's the thyroid telling us, in case we forget, this is where it's hiding while trying its  best not to create problems!! 

    Haven't found any normal explanation!

  • Hi there. I think I've found what is causing this. It's called "poikiloderma of civatte". Google that and see if it fits what you're going through. It's caused by over exposure to the sun, fair skin, and inflammation, which we suffer from with our auto immune disease. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of remedies, although I read that following an alkaline diet seems to help. (Note: The medical community denounces the alkaline diet, but I'm going to try it and see if it works! You have to give up junk food and dairy and I'm all for that.) From what I've read, trying to find alternative therapies would be the way to go. Some of the medical therapies include costly laser therapy that doesn't really seem to work. I hope this helps some of you! I've been at my wits end trying to figure this out and even had a biopsy done on my neck. I haven't gotten the results yet, but if they say it's not "poik", I'll be shocked.

  • I'm having the problem too!

  • I stopped being told my neck is read in the morning as I forget to look at it so early on. Is yours red all day long?

  • Mine stays red pretty much all day long. It used to just be red but but didn't hurt. Now it's red and hurts or feels tight all day. I'm on Armour Thyroid already but have an appointment coming up with an Endocrinologist.

    So ready to get some relief. 🙏🏼

  • I just had a conversation about Levothyroxine versus synthroid because I am having an allergic reaction to something and I am trying to figure out if it is a medication that I am on. My GP said people are rarely allergic to synthroid. I corrected her and said no, I am on the generic, she replied that it is then possible because the store that I am getting the drug from may get it from different suppliers who might use different fillers. So since I am allergic to sulfite, I could be allergic, causing the redness to appear. Sometimes it is itchy or like pins pinching me. I have to change medication to try to figure it out.

  • I also have hypothyroid, and am taking levothyroxine. I also have the red neck issue, but mine started before I found out about my thyroid issue, and before I started meds. I am thinkning it is a symptom of low thyroid rather than the medication. It has been a year, and my GP still hasn't gotten my TSH levels correct.

  • I've a red rash all around my neck the only thing that's clear is my thyroid area. I've often thought it was a shaving rash but even if grow a beard it does not change. Not itch or discomfort just looks like I've scalded my neck !

    I have an overactive thyroid, the rash appeared before I was diagnosed 5 years ago

  • I'm having the same problem and am hypothyroid. I used to take levothyroxine but have switched to Armour several years ago now. I don't remember if the redness was there before or not, but it is so red that people often ask what happened. No pain, no goiter that I know of, just the large red area that seems kind of bumpy. Seems worse during the day but is really bad if I have a hot flash. Also get super red face at the slightest exertion. Really feel like it has to be thyroid but am also menopausal. Wish someone had some answers.

  • Hi all, I've been taking Levo (100 mcg) for YEARS and I just noticed this red spot on my neck today. I searched and found this forum. Mine looks like rash... an area about the size of a large watch face, and it's warm to touch, but doesn't itch. Like all of you, I'm very curious and a bit concerned. Let's stay in touch and see if we can get an answer! Thanks so much.

  • Oh boy!

    I also have the butterfly shaped redness to my neck and was avidly reading every response hoping for an answer......but alas to no avail.

    I was at the respritory clinic yesterday and the consultant noticed it and I told her that my goitre has also got larer since being prescribed levo and has referred me to the Endo. Having never seen one befor I am a little nervous of what she is likely to say/do. Any advice would be greatfully appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards


  • I was diagnosed in 2003 with hashimoto's thyroid disease. In 2013 it was discovered I had multiple nodules that were creating a mock thyroxine that made all my levels t3 t4 and TSH seem low to normal and stopped my levothyroxine. Since I've gone through so many different things from emotional, fatigue, skin issues, red butterfly shaped red skin over thyroid, sleep issues, and numerous others. I was also diagnosed in 2006 with genetic hemachromitosis which really put a halt on Dr's wanting to treat me so I've read and read. I now take magnesium, vitamin e, and calcium at night and I just started taking iodine and green tea extract supplements. I'm starting to notice big changes with the emotional anxieties.

  • There must be someone out there who knows. I have all the symptoms of a fluctuating thyroid ( I suppose that is hashimoto's) but diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome. I too have a mottled rash like band on my neck that goes right across my "butterfly" thyroid area. So, I wonder if people with cfs get that too. So peed off with no believable answers and a confusing diagnosis. 😑

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