Hi my name is Karen I'm 51 and if been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid

This is the second time if been diagnosed the first time was 2004, my doc said I ad a kidney infection without even examining me I was left for 6 wks and became serverly I'll eventually through my mums insistence they took blood and it came bk as overactive thyroid,I later developed me/CFS/fibromyalgia''i was told by my consultant that I'd been left to long with the thyroid problem my Dr never treated my overactive thyroid and I was left with long term problems''iv been severely unwell for about 3 months and recognised the symptoms as overactive thyroid''i went to my gp who did take bloods but they came bk normal.i persisted and 3 wks ago was diagnosed again with an overactive thyroid..I was relived and thort I wud get treatment but was disappointed when my gp told me she wanted to av second bloods done in 6 wks''i can't go on much longer I am Alvin rapid heart beats,sweats'dizzyness tingling in my Hands n legs,my breathing is fast when my heart beats rapid,, I was also diagnosed with a heart murmer so when I have a rapid heartrate clocked at155 beats per min I become frightened,I av no appetite my next blood tests are on the 16 the of Oct I feel that I cannot wait any longer with these horrid symptoms. Can anyone sugessed anything I can do in the mean time.

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  • I would go to your A&E Department and say you are having palpitations and I think they may do an ECG. I wouldn't say much about your thyroid as theoretically you haven't been diagnosed nor are you on medication. Maybe they could sort you out. It is frightening when your heart goes so fast and that in itself causes tingling and dizziness.

    Best wishes

  • i agree, some times waiting just does not help with the stress and then it all gets worse. do A &E.

  • Be very careful here. You have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid but also have me/CFS/fibromyalgia, which are symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Treating you for an overactive thyroid is possibly the opposite to what you need and you may actually benefit greatly from taking additional thyroid medication.

    You need to see a GP or endo who understands the complexities of thyroid conditions. Try forums/websites to see if you can identify one in your area.

  • Hi sandy 12 thank u for your reply,,we'll I was so I'll yesterday my heart was beating so fast and my sweating was none stop''i had server pains all over my body,,my son who visits me rang for a doc to come out,,four hrs later and by now I was crying with total pain''i could not catch my breath when my heart rate rose''doc who came actually was my own doc I thort great I don't av to try to explain my conditions to him.I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid about 3/4 wks ago''when I asked did he think these horrid symptoms were the overactive thyroid he said ho u were only a tiny bit overactive but your thyroxine levels were ok''i was gob smacked!!! He really didn't seem to concerned and told me not to think to much into the thyroid result..he did however prescribe me beta blockers...only because of the state I was in,,I'm still sweating but my heart rate is not as fast''i feel sheer dread when I have my next bloods...16 Oct if they come bk as normal levels.......iv been like this since may last year but because I suffer from me/CFS and fibromialgia the docs always go their first,,iv to beg them to do further tests..anyway thanks for your input...its quite hard dealing with these symptoms when u live alone...and av no one to turn to many thanks for your reply,,best wishes :-)

  • Please see my other response below re high heart rate.

    The me/CFS and fibromialgia are symptoms that your body needs more thyroid hormones, not less. Beta blockers block the thyroid hormone receptors, which the T3 (active thyroid hormone) binds to. They are likely to slow your heart but could make your me/CFS and fibromialgia worse.

    It is possible that you could have thyroid hormone resistance, where the thyroid hormone levels are high normal or high, but a problem is with the receptors.

    It is likely that your GP is confused by your condition, but it is good that she has not made a hasty diagnosis.

  • In relation to the very high heartrate - it can be caused by an overactive thyroid.

    It can also be caused by an underactive thyroid, normally through atrial fibrillation, which gives a very fast and erratic heartbeat. My mother had this and had sporadic episodes when her heart beat so fast that blood did not pump properly and doctors though that she had had heart attachs. She was put on beta blockers which made he sleep all the time. It took a long time and a change of cardiologist to get the correct diagnosis.

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