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Hi I've not posted recently as I was hospitalised in Nov vometing blood and passing blood from my back passage..i was not feeling very well months up to me being admitted to hospital but my GP never regonised my symptoms till it was to late!! Anyway I had a large and small intestinal infection which also affected my bowle.i was diagnosed with reactive colitis,,I also moved home in the July to a flat so I have had a really bad time health wise. I was diagnosed with hyper parathyroid in 2005 after again a GP failed to diagnose me it was only after my 5 wks my mother insisted they take bloods,,my symptoms were exsaustion feeling nauseous,shaking no appetite sweating profusely and just feeling rotten,,GP diagnosed. Water or kidney infection without taking a urine sample..after the blood test came back it was hyperparathiroid my parathyroid glands ad gone overactive,,GP said let's wait 6 Wks take another blood test😠😠😠 after the second test it came back as normal levels..about a year or so later I was having the same symptoms so again ad a test it showed over activity again, but again ad to wait 6 wks and again it came back as normal levels.this happened once more about 2years ago but again GP did same,,wait,,just this last 2 weeks I've been getting the same symptoms again,,I'm finding it difficult to type due to the shaking I'm sweating wanting to sleep all the time no appetite nauseous again and peeing a lot,,I know that overactive means the thyroid puts calcium in to the body from the bones I have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis..my GP will not entertain me with this thyroid prob as I have fibromyalgia and ME I was wondering if I cud have an auto immune problem to because I feel as if I am attacking my glands at times I also find it hard to swollow when I have these attacks,,sorry for the long post 😭

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Do you have your calcium and parathyroid levels ? If they are both high you should be seeing an Endocrinologist with a view to surgery.


Hi bantam12

Thanks for the reply my blood tests in 2005 showed high levels of calcium in my blood and the GP diagnosed hyperparathiroid. But I had no check ups on my thyroid he just waited 6 weeks and did another blood test which came back as normal levels so that was that!! As I said I went overactive again that was found through a blood test but GP said Ho it's not bad we will wait again and do another test..that came back as normal levels so again I was left,,this has been ongoing since 2005,,but I know when I'm overactive by my symptoms I would like regular blood tests to see if it fluctuates..I did see a endocrinologists after I requested I see one but my bloods were what she called normal and said I didn't need to see her again. I'm sure if you go overactive in the parathyroids you should be checked,,my endo only checked my neck with her hands and said everything's ok their,,it makes me want to give up I'm sick of trying to get threw to my GP about this because he always goes by my bloods..😩

Thanks again for your reply πŸ‘


Parathyroid and thyroid are separate issues as they have different functions.

Your GP is not really qualified to diagnose hyperparathyroidism as they generally don't have the experience, he/she cannot diagnose on calcium level alone, you would need calcium, parathyroid, phosphate and vitd tested, even Endos struggle to understand how it works !

There are different causes of hyperparathyroidism, could be something simple like low vitd in which case if vitd improved levels would return to normal.

If your calcium and parathyroid are now within range then you are unlikely to get any further with that, perhaps have a yearly check if your GP will agree.


Hi bantam

Yeah I understand parathyroid and thyroid have different functions my first diagnosis was by my GP he came to my home as I was not well enough to do a surgery visit he said my blood tests came by as high levels of calcium in my blood I asked what that ment he said hyperparathiroid illness I had no clue about hyperparathiroid illness and he was not giving me any help.of course I went on the internet to read up on it.i moved to another surgery about 2years later I told my new GP about my thyroid problem and I've been fighting it ever since I'm going to insist on regular blood tests to see if I fluctuate

Thanks for your reply ☺️


sorry birkie about your bad health,

do you also have your blood test results, with the ranges? could you please write them out and post them in here...


TSH. 5.45. (010-4.00)



if you did not get printouts from the surgery, you have the right to them and can ask to get them printed out for you.

if a GP said, they are fine or in ranges, that does not mean, that they optimal for your.

are you feeling better now? I wish you well.


Hi christa1

Many thanks for the reply to be honest my GP just tells me I'm in the normal range.i did press him on the fact that because it's normal it does not mean that's ok for me and I'm still having the symptoms. But he insists I'm ok..even with theses awfull symptoms,I feel because I have several things going on with my health my GP just goes back to my Fibro/ME..to be honest I just feel like giving up..I'm still shaking sweating badly wanting to sleep n peeing a lot,,it's also hard to get an appointment with my surgery.i think I need bloods taken regularly to see if they fluctuate it's some thing I think I will take up with my GP..see if I get any help their.

Thank again πŸ‘

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and don't forget birkie, if u in the uk, there is a law who said, that you have a right to the printout of your blood tests! if you get them, start a new post and more knowledgeable people than I will answer. x


Thanks for letting me know that christa1 I'm going back to my surgery I want regular bloods done..I will ask for a print out for each test..I'll probably have a fight on my hands to get them done as my GP is not a good one😑

Again thanks for the help😊


and birkie, don't forget, you have to press for ft3 to be done! I am reading in here, that a lot of of GPs in the uk don't see the need for ft3, but it is more importend than they think, as the ft3 is the active hormone in your blood and ft4 the building block. ft4 is turned into ft3, so the cells in your body can use it.

and as you have the parathyroid problem ( sorry I don't know anything about it) you should get a vitamin panel done as well.

Vit D

Vit B




and please come back on here in a new post, with your test results.

you can demant all you test results from far back as well, it is the law in England and your right. (I am in Australia)


Thanks christa1

I've not been to well over the weekend I know the symptoms connected with hyperparathiroid I was diagnosed in 2005 after having the same symptoms as I'm having now .racing heart beat,sweating bad,exsausted wanting to sleep all the time and nausea and peeing all the time..I've been overactive twice since 2005 but GP as always waited 6 weeks for further bloods as they returned normal levels he has just left me..I was wondering if the last time and this time going overactive as anything to do with me going threw the menopause?? The symptoms are different tho,,menopausal sweats only last for a short time the sweats I'm having like last time ,,are their most of the time I'm exsausted it's like I've ran a marathon then I want to sleep..also peeing a lot I'm wondering if my body is trying to rid it's self of the calcium build up?? Also feeling nauseous could be calcium to,,

I'm in the uk😏

But I must say my GP is not much good with me..if bloods come back as normal levels he just leaves me even though I'm still symptomatic 😑😑

Again thanks for your help❀️



in order to get our opinion and help (I am not much help, as I have only hypothyroid)

you really have to get the blood test results from your doctors surgery. just ring them when you feel more positive and stand up for your rights. it has taken me a very very long time before I started collecting my test results. I just tolt my GP, that my memorie is "shot" and I need a visual conformation to reassure myself were I am standing with my health. and for the last 6 years (9/10 years since official hypo) I look at the results numerous times a month trying to understand what is going on. I read up in here and check my Heath, with the results and experience of the people writing in here.

until we see for ourself where you are standing by reading your test results, nobody can give a solit advice.

one question:

did you ever got tested for antibodies? maybe that is sending your body in repair mode and messes up your test results?

see, that is why we and YOU, need to see the blood test results ... with the ranges in brackets so you can reasure yourself that everything is as the GP tolt you.

I totally understand how you are feeling!

I am now retired a few moth before 65y because I just could not handle life anymore, and that on medication!!!

I got hyper after my menopause and it has taken the doctors years to find out what the symptoms meant!


7 month in pensioner mode and I still can't do my housework or any other chores, I might do one chore a day and even cooking dinner is wearing me out.

my libido is none existent an my poor husband is trying to handle it as good natured as possiable. it makes me sad and that again is not helping my THYROID neither!

anyway, don't give up, it has to get better for you.

after reading up on the test results, you will get more help from the forum, I can promise you that!



Hi again christa1

I did get blood result print out after some strong words with my GP.but they only did the minimum tests can't remember seeing antibodies on their..but threw movinghome I've mislaidthe paperwork😑 As I'm having the same symptoms again I'm taking my urine down because I had large amounts of calcium in it..it's so hard to get tested for this as I have ME/Fibro and just last year was in hospital with colitis so GP just puts symptoms down to other illnesses..😑 But hopefully I can get them to sit up and listen to me..crossing everything..πŸ‘

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The symptoms of hyperparathyroidism and (say) hypothyroidism have very different roots but the symptoms can overlap. I'm sure you've read through this site on the parathyroids: parathyroid.com/parathyroid...

afaik, osteoporosis is common in people with hyperparathyroidism along with aching bones and muscles and various other things that you mention.

It can be a pest to diagnose and that site gives a reasonable guide to monitoring it through a series of blood tests for calcium, vitamin D, PTH and phosphate. Taking a 'watch and wait' approach is very popular in the UK tho' a number of people find it doesn't suit them as they're very symptomatic.



Many thanks for your reply

That's how I feel symptomatic I don't have it constantly it comes and goes but as you say it's a pest to get diagnosed.i feel like I'm passing stuff through my urine it looks like gold dust that's what I had when I went overactive before I don't know if it's the calcium or what!!😒 I'm definitely going to see my GP about getting bloods done on a regular basis I think it the only way to go for me..

Thanks again for your help it's good to get some feed back off other people.



The diagnosis for Parathyroid disease is high calcium and high ParAthyroid Hormone. If both are high you need an operation. The body protects itself by keeping Vit D low so less calcium is absorbed from food because it is already too high. If you take Vit D supplements your Blood calcium can spike and the symptoms of nausea etc become severe. This all happened to me. My GP missed it all but I did the research told her what I had and insisted I was referred to Mr Greg Sadler at the John Radcliffe in Oxford. If you live in the UK you have a right to be referred to any specialist. He was appalled when I told him my story. He diagnosed me just with the bloods and I have my operation at the end of Nov 2017. Please insist your PTH ParAthyroid hormone is checked. Read ParAthyroid.com it is all there.


Thanks for your reply susanmcg

I've been feeling really awfull the passed few days getting worse my heart is racing,sweating bad bouts of nausea feeling exsausted want to sleep all the time and peeing a lot..I will check the PTH..parAthyroid.com

Again thanks ❀️


Hi Kathmax

It's so frustrating when your GP can clearly see your symptomatic yet they refuse to go any further because the minimum bloods they do come back normal. I have sat in front of my GP sweating shaking and feeling so unwell to be told everything's fine t this t that all normal..then it's is their anything else that could be wrong? Are u depressed...NO..if you say yes I'm depressed because of these symptoms they give u antidepressants 😑 It's got to the point especially these last 2 weeks where I can't even hold a cup for shaking and sweating ,going to make a cuppa is like doing a marathon and re- typing letters because you've pressed twice with shaking that much,,I'm pretty sure if a GP had these symptoms they wouldn't last a day in work..it's a uphill struggle with this one GP told me "we do not treat hyperparathiroid it's a wait and see approach!!! I haven't even had my neck checked only GPs /endos fingers..😑

I hope we both get some answers soon because this is hell😭😭😭


Hi Kathmax

Like u I have a fan by my bed and one in my living room..my windows have been open since March,,and it's getting really cold now and I'm smiling knowing my home will be cool..πŸ˜€ I was diagnosed with hyperparathiroid illness in 2005/6..but they played the waiting game and after six weeks I had blood taken again,,they came back as normal levels,,nothing was done even though 6 wks before my blood test showed hyperparathiroid illness,,I've never had any tests done on my parathyroids even though they went overactive..just blood and urine..I feel like I'm sleeping my life away..because I sweat have irritability peeing all the time sleep is hard at nite..I find I get exsausted and sleep at all hours some through the day some for an hour some for longer but on waking I still feel groggy and have no energy😒 As you said it's tiredness I can't explain I never feel refreshed after sleep.its hard getting a GP to listen..I'm dreading going to see my GP about this...it's always a fight..it shouldn't be like that!!!

I agree we should keep in touch and swap experiences we might find we can help each other 😊


Hi Kathmax

My GP never bothers pulling me in for bloods as you say it's to expensive for them..snap I find it hard taking tablets too..I snap them in half when I can..if I manage to get my GP to take bloods it will be a victory but like u I'm not holding out much hope😒


Morning birkie how are you feeling today?


Morning kathmax was at the hospital yesterday I've to have my wisdom tooth removed with a small part of bone..great!!! I managed to get my urine done while I was their it showed leuckosites white blood cells so think I've defo gone over active ,,so it's off to the docs just needed proof I've taken a photo of the dipstick because I know it doesn't always show up its intermittent. If it were an infection it would be with every pee..and I know it's no infection because I have no pain in that area or in my kidneys..just got a really bad head..from him poking about in my mouth😑 But still shaking,sweating,heart racing,peeing feeling nasuse 😷 And exsausted 😴😴 I even told the dental surgeon about it because he kept asking why I was sweating n shaking!!! He thought I was frightened ,,dental phobia 😑 I wish..so I've to get it checked out before I have the op..

Hope to day find u ok..but I know by my symptoms every day is a struggle..hope you manage to get some answers soon..πŸ€—πŸ€—


Hi birkie sounds like you didn't have a very good day It's just like we are trying hard to get through everyday with a struggle.Im no different to any other day .Tired no energy but that's the norm for me now Even struggling with my weight I used to go out walking a lot but don't go now have even tried to push myself to do it Hope all goes well for you with the wisdom tooth op Bet your not looking forward to that .😊🌞x


Hi no not looking forward to it..only up side is I can't eat solids for 2-3 wks πŸ˜„ So hope to loose some weight πŸ‘πŸ» before I became ill I went to the gym 3 times a week and did gym ball at the weekend..it kills me make a cuppa these days..😑😑

Hope your as well as u can be today chins up...πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


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