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My son have hyperthyroidsm...I let him undergo laboratory for TSH,T3, & T4


TSH ELISA 2.2 0.39-6.16uIU/ml

T3 ELISA 0.8 0.52 -1.85ng/ml

T4 ELISA 6.4 male 4.4 -10.8ug/dl

his T3 was very low, what is the meaning of that result?

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I am not too familiar with hyperthyroidism, just hypothyroidism but I am sure someone else will be along soon to advice you.

T3 is the active hormone, i.e. the one that gives us the energy we need and this is converted from the inactive T4. There may be more than one reason why the T3 is low, it could be quite simply that your son needs more T4 to convert to T3 or that he isn't converting T4 efficiently into T3.

Hope this helps



Wondering where you are? Those tests and ranges do not look like UK standard tests/ranges.

Also, how old is your son? Is he on any medicines?

The test results so far as I can tell, look like HYPOthyroidism - not HYPERthyroidism.

We really need a bit more information to say something useful rather than making a few guesses.


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Hi, Betty, are these the results of free T3 & T4?


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