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My daughter has just had results from blood test her serum TSH level is 0.27mU/L. It says the norm is 0.3-4.2. She gets v tired easily

She has been away in china and is awaiting blood tests to test for parasites. Also her LDL is 4.5mmol/L norm being 0.0-3.0mmol/L. Please can anyone help to diagnose. GP says all is normal but I don't believe it is as she is putting on weight as well

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Did the labs not test T4 or T3, its normal to do so when the TSH is below range?

Also, while we can comment and support on this site, we do not diagnose, thats for medical professionals only, all we can do is point you in the right direction of what to ask for... at least someone who knows more than me can point you in the right direction :)

also, its uncommon to put weight on when the TSH is below range, its usually the other way round for most. I put weight on if I'm over replaced and lose it when hypo, but not many of us do. Is it a possibility that there could be anothr reason for weight gain, such as pregnancy ?


You need her T4 and free T3 results. It's possible, for example, that her pituitary isn't working effectively and so isn't producing enough TSH.

As you, she could have picked up a parasitic infection in China, so you need those results.

Also consider the possibility that she might have adrenal problems. You can get a 24hour saliva cortisol test from Genova.


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