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hi, please can you help me interpret my thyroid test results?

T4-99.1 range:(58-154)

TSH -3.55 range: (0.4-4)

FT4-13.4 range:(10-22)

FT3-5.99 range:(2.8-6.5)

FT3-FT4 ratio-2.3 range:(2-4.5)

please help? I have hair loss, tiredness, birttle thin nails,

easily gain weight Thanks :)

I have heard tsh shouldn't be above 3?

the lab said it is low grade hypothyroidism but I wanted more opinions. I have low vitamin d too. Thanks

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Hi, witch1000557. Your T3 is below the lab range, T4 - have no clue, since there are no refference ranges for it (its probably low also). This means that your thyroid is not producing enough hormones for you. Are you taking any medications (like Levothyroxin for ex.)? Have you already been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (since that is what your test results and the symptoms that you are experiencing show)?


hi I mixed up on ny typing ft3 is 13.4 but the lab said I have mild hypothyroidism, I just wanted more opinions x


You can edit your original post above. If you put in the correct figures and ranges it will make it clearer for people to interpret.


Is this your first testing, witch? Often the only one they pay attention to is the TSH and you are slightly still in range and they are probably hanging their hats on that. But the important one is your FT3 and at 5.99 is very low and probably the reason for your hair, nails and fatigue problems. If you haven't been placed on thyroxine yet, I always prefer Armour or some other NDT rather than T4 but that is cheaper for the NHS I guess. Take what you can get, although your total T4 is not too low and I guess that means your thyroid is producingsomething. How are your other blood levels like B12, Folate, Ferritin and Iron? Also your D should be high.


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