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Big toe feels like it's in a block of ice!!

Hi all, I've noticed that one of my big toes feels cold but when I touch it, it's not warm but not cold either. Just in between. I've been taking the thyroxine as normal but I'm going to try and warm the area soon as the inside of my foot is feeling cold as I write this.

Is this typical of hashimotos? I'm still new to this so I don't want to go to the GP and have them think that I'm imagining it.


Jo x

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hi i am new to this and so cannot give advice but i too have this, i have unde ractive and thinks it means we are being under treated, some one will reply soon with advice im sure , best wishes x


Hi Lola, thanks for your reply!! :)

Yes, I believe I'm being undertreated but I'm on 100mcg thyroxine! :o My GP isn't expecting me back until November time as I've been given my new increase back in August, so I think to go back now would be too soon for them to do anything. (which was 125mcg but my partner suggested I decrease it as I've been getting headaches since starting it).

I did go back to my GP early September about pains in my leg and when I explained to them that I hadn't been running/doing any activity or had any back problems I suggested it could be down to the hypoT and they said something like "well, you don't have any skin changes associated with myxoedema so it can't be your hypoT at all and your last TSH came back at 4." I know if I go back there about sensory changes they'll take a brief look at my history, see I'm on thyroxine, look at the last TSH result and...not draw a connection.

Thanks for your reply!!

Best wishes and take care

Jo xxx


Hi Jo, l have Hasimotos. I was diagnosed mid summer & lm on 50mcg levothyroxin. I don't get cold toes but do get cold legs between ankles & knees. Its mostly wen lm in bed & keeps me awake. My husbands long thermal motor bike socks help alot. I hope u get the answers your looking for. Its difficult wen u don't know what to blame symptoms on.x


Hi timmysmom. Thanks for your reply. :)

What you've got sounds terrible!! I invested in a pair of thermal socks which have been a godsend to me. I got them off Amazon for something ridiculous like £2 - £3 - and they're pink!

I hope I get the answers I'm looking for soon. I spoke to my support therapist and she has said the symptoms I describe are thyroid-related but whenever I go to my doc and tell them they don't agree. I get sensory problems in my legs, fizzy feelings and cold shooting pain down the fronts of them and one GP I saw said it wasn't myxoedema as there were no skin changes. I feel like I'm imagining it all sometimes. :(

Take care

Jo x


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