Please help me understand my blood test results ?

Please help me understand my blood test results ?

I just feel fatigued and drained of energy most of the time. I don't feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning; in fact, I forcefully drag myself up. I usually get up once at night to urinate but after that I can't really go back to deep sleep. I need to take a nap in the afternoon, otherwise, I just feel tired and even get brain fog. I noticed when I eat salmon I sleep better and wake up refreshed. However, overall I have muscle weakness and have no desire to workout. If I workout just a little bit, like running for 20 minutes, instead of building strength the next day, I am all tired and drained of energy even more.

I went to the doctor office and asked him to do a blood and urine test for Thyroid problems and Gluten Sensitivity. He also tested me for other conditions but I forgot what they were. He told me the test results were normal but I still feel something is wrong. I just don't know what's wrong with me. I want to share my results with you guys for a second opinion in case your eyes catches something. Also let me know if you think I should get tested for something else. I appreciate your help in advance.

Here is a link to the blood test results and by the way I am 21 and male.

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  • Just in case anyone else (like me) is suspicious this might have dodgy images attached I have looked at them and they are indeed the blood test results. Phew!

    Your white blood cell count is very low. Your Potassium level is right at the bottom of the range. It doesn't look as though you are coeliac.

    Have you had your Vitamins B12, D and Iron checked? Any of those might make you feel tired after exercise.

  • I did another blood test recently, just waiting for the new results, the doctor wanted to check if the white blood cells are still low. Does low white blood cell count indicates an autoimmune disease? I didn't ask him to test me for B12, D, or Iron, but I can ask him next time.

  • do you turn the wifi router off at night? Better still, get rid of it and go cabled.

    I do hope you feel better soon.

  • Not really, I just keep it on but its downstairs and I sleep upstairs. If all my family were complaining about similar symptoms then I would have turned off, but I think the tiredness I have is from something else. I do ground myself throughout the day if I am home. I even grounded myself when I sleep but I didn't notice any improvements so I stopped grounding myself during sleep (used aluminum foil that's connected to ground, lol)

  • It's pulsed radiation and attacks the thyroid and lowers seratonin and melatonin levels. Do try turning it off at night and see if it makes a difference. lists the 1800 studies published in the last 7 years into electromagnetic radiation. Several of them demonstrate that pulsed radiation attacks the thyroid.


    The whole emf/wifi/phone business is shaping up to be a public health scandal on the scale of asbestos or tobacco. As in these two cases, the scientific evidence has already been published. Lloyds stopped insuring telephone companies for public liability (health claims from the public) in 1999. They stopped covering asbestos companies in 1913. They read the scientific press.

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