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Returning to normal/full health on thyroid meds

I was wondering how many people actually return to full health after diagnosis of underactive thyroid. I know I have never felt the same as I did before diagnosis. I have good days, but days that I am shattered, depending on what I have done. Also would this depend on the function that is left if any of the thyroid gland?

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Hi Lancashirelass.

Id love to be able to answer your question from my own point of view, but still feel awful at the moment. If i could get rid of the muscle pain and joint pain. plus my hair is now a terrible problem. Can i ask you are you a lot better than you were, and how long did it take you? Im from lancs as well.

I have a friend who after about four months of treatment did feel ok again. So i guess it can and does happen.

Best wishes



Yes I am a lot better than I was initially. I have had underactive thyroid for approximately 9 years. I take a natural thyroid hormone because I am intolerant of thyroxine. I find it works better for me. For the first 2 years or so when I took thyroxine I never felt well. So yes, I have improved, but still have to be careful how much I do and would never feel able to work full time.



Hi Lancashirelass,

I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid 5 years ago. I also have good days, but, same as yourself, feel shattered if had a busy day. I work full time and sometimes wonder just how I keep going!

At the moment Im feeling rather depressed but I have times like this, my husband says 'what have I got

to be depressed about' which he is correct, I do not have anything in particular to be depressed about, just that I feel so tired at the end of the week and it's just a state of mind.

I just accept this is how it will be, but Im much better to when I think back to 5 years ago before I was on


Take care, Julia


I have only just been saying today that I cannot cope with the thought of not getting fully better. It is as though my life has been on hold for when I am fully better.

Angel, apart from ensuring that you are fully medicated (TSH under 1 and Free T4 at the top of the range) then there is always the possibility of your Endo adding T3 as some of us feel better with it.

Also have you had your vitamin B12 tested? It is rather like the blood tests for thyroid, the range for B12 is around 190 to 900 and I believe that we feel better if our levels are above 500. I supplement with a sublingual B12 and my hair has definitely improved. Worth looking into it.


Hi Suze

What B12 do you take, glad to hear it is working ok for you, my hair is a problem too so would like to give B12 a go.


Hi Lancashirelass

I was quite unwell for many years & I too have to take Natural Desiccated Thyroid.

It sounds as if your adrenals may not be working as they should. I take Nutri Adrenal & Vitamin C supplements which have increased my stamina & wellbeing. Maybe you could consider this.

I have found that 3 grains of NDT suit me fine, you do not say how much you are taking. Is it possible for you to increase your NDT slightly?

We are all different & what suits one does not suit another, it does take a long time trying to find the right balance, so don’t give up.

Take care.



Sentinel, I took Nutri Adrenal Extra (max dose) for about 5 months when I was first battling to try and find a medication that worked 3 years ago, I didn't notice any difference then but wonder whether (now that I am tolerating and fully medicated) I may benefit from taking them again?

I know that you cannot really answer that, maybe I should start a new question?


Hi Suze

Sorry I missed your question, I get lost clicking on the links.

6 years ago I saw a brilliant thyroid doctor when I was quite poorly & he told me that my adrenals were only working at 60%.

It is important to make sure the adrenals are up to speed before thyroid medication has an effect. I take Nutri adrenal with food & have found that vitamin C helps the nutri adrenal supplement.

It was only after I was prescribed Natural Desiccated Thyroid (still continued taking nutri Adrenal) that my health improved. It does take time trying to find the correct balance.

You wonder if you would benefit trying nutri- adrenal supplements again. I would certainly give it a try, you really have nothing to lose, but do remember to take it with food. I take one with breakfast & two at lunchtime.

I also have a fragile digestive system & have to take acid suppressants. I used to have an enlarged tongue, I think there is a medical term for it ---macroglossia. Occasionally, the problem comes back but this time I have been told that this time it is down to stress.

Hope all this helps so good luck & take care



Hi Sentinel, are you sure you have high stomach acid and not low stomach acid that could benefit from HCI-Pepsin?

Please note kiltis comments on thread:


Hi Sentinel

Where do you get the nutri-adrenal supplements from and do you know if there are any side effects?


Sorry for late reply. I have been off line since 14th July.

I buy my supplements from the Nutri Centre. I am a member of Thyroid UK & save 25%.

Please join ThyroidUK, you will not regret it. It is the best thing I have done in a long time.

See the following from

The Nutri Centre: The Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent, London W!8 1PF

Tel: 0845 602 6744 Fax: 020 7436 5171

Website: Email:

The Nutri Centre is located on the lower ground floor of The Hale Clinic.

If you are a Thyroid UK Newsletter Subscriber, don't forget you can get 25% off all your supplements ordered from Nutri Centre. You also don't pay postage and packing. Details will be sent with your first newsletter.

Some people may have digestive problems with supplements as they do with prescribed dugs, remember we are all different. I have been OK with supplements to date & have been taking them since 2005.


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