Does anyone else get a feeling of pressure/discomfort (not pain) under the left hand ribs? Dr reckons it's part of IBS?

I don't general have too much problem with IBS any more, bowel movements are regular and normal. The dr. says it's trapped wind etc in the colon, and suggested too much fibre could be the problem. I take probiotics and digestive enzymes, don't eat wheat or dairy and have plenty of fruit and veg, although I wouldn't say an excessive amount of fibre, but how much is too much? Does anyone else have something similar?

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my dr says I have IBS just cos of "bloating".i disagree as I don't have any bowel problems.i do feel pressure on my ribs especailly left side and both sides are protruding

and now my collar bones feel the same

I don't eat a lot of fibre and have cut out wheat but its made no difference.

I've found doctors really frustrating about this kind of stuff, they just seem to put everything down to 'ibs' without much explanation or treatment. This thing comes and goes for me, and it's not the end of the world, but it's pretty annoying.

i have had this for 3 years since start of being ill. i dont have ibs but thought it was muscular pain and radiates up to collarbone. i do have excess acid reflux though. was diagnosed with hashis in june 2013 bit been ill for a number of years.

I have wondered if it's muscular myself, particularly since all bowel movements are normal. I also wondered if it's something to do with the spleen, which is about the only organ in that area. But in reality, it's probably nothing I guess, just an annoyance.

I get a strange feeling in left ribs towards the back and if the I press the spot between my ribs it feels tender. it makes me want to lean to the right when I am sitting down. I have IBS, but I don't have bloating, pain or cramps, just morning diarrhea. No idea what it is.

I'm glad it's not just me, it seems equally mysterious for everyone tho!

I've also occasionally had this and put it down to indigestion. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

Hi It could also be the Gall bladder or the Pancras, both can be auto immune. However, if pain the only symptom, also not agony, then , I would just follow the GP`s advice.


Just a thought for you to consider - I started suffering rib pain a couple of years ago. It was definitely more pain than discomfort, and was on both sides. It didn't occur to me that it might be related to my thyroid problems and I thought I must have hurt myself while doing the garden. But it didn't go away and I happened to mention it to my endo at my next appointment. He immediately got me tested for vitamin D, found I was slipping from my previous test and he told me to start supplementing with 1000iu daily. Within a month or so the pain diminished and these days it doesn't bother me at all.

Hi Mary, that's really interesting as I did have a vitamin D deficiency previously but I stopped taking it over the summer as it was quite sunny. However, in reality I probably don't get that much vit D as I always wear sunscreen on my face and being a 'cold' type it needs to be pretty tropical for me to wear short sleeves. I'll start supplementing again and see if it helps. Thanks for the tip!

Hi Lolalouis

Have you ever had a colonoscopy to confirm that you don't have any problems with the bowel?

Hi Muffy, I haven't had a colonoscopy, no. I think because the discomfort comes and goes and my bowel movements are completely regular and normal they don't think there's any issue. I've got a bit of a fear of having a colonoscopy to be honest so I'm happy to accept what they say, or at least to try reducing fibre and other things first. I'm a bit of a wuss like that!

I don't blame you!!! Doctors shouldn't though diagnose IBS without thorough investigations.

Hopefully just all thyroid symptoms.

I'm much better when I cut out wheat. For spaghetti, I buy a corn spaghetti in Sains and I also try to avoid the bread substitutes which are never the same as bread, especially lovely fresh baked bread.

As you say, worth trying to see if things imrove.

I do agree with you about GP diagnosis, but I'm sorry to say that my experiences with my thyroid have really made me lose faith in them. I've had terrible adrenal fatigue which they didn't recognise and weren't very interested in my symptoms. I've seen someone privately and am much better, but it's definitely no thanks to the NHS. If you don't fit the 100mg thyroxine mould they seem a bit baffled!

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