Does anyone else have a very wide pulse pressure?

There is a big difference between my systolic and diastolic pressure. For eg. on waking 128 over 59. Other examples are 138 over 70 (at rest) and can go as high as 165 oner 80 when more active ( usually feel rather unwell if this high). Normal BP she be about 120 over 80. So the systolic is usually on the high side but diastolic low. Had BP investigated with 24hr monitor and hospital said OK. GP of the opinion that I do not have a BP problem as such but rather BP being pushed up by something else. Has anyone with a similar problem found cause/significance etc.

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  • I have similar results, have been like that for yonks. I'm just doing 2 weeks of home readings for my endo and having a 24hr monitor at some time. I have a 140/64 and a 162/78, it's all over the place but nobody is that bothered about it which is fine by me.

  • Hi BP does vary , especially during the day. You always need to rest 10 mins before taking,Sit at a table with arm straight, no talking. Also if wish at the same time every day, do Pulse, which is heart pressure Do not use thumb. Your results sound fine to me especially as you have had the best test 24 hour monitor.

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  • Thanks Jackie

  • I also have very different readings but I have notice when my blood pressure is low (which is very common with hypothyroids) my pulse races to try to build up my blood pressure. I think this is the body's way of finding a balance. I have not read this in any science backed articles however. Just my own theory in practice.

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