I will have my first appointment with the endocrinologist ASAP. Any advice? Very new to all of this


I have felt disorientated ,woozy, warm and more tired as of last thursday\saturday to Tuesday morning. (Feeling better now with no symtom),I went to the dr on Wednesday to. Just check it out and expecting it to be due to an iron defiencey. As I. Have been a vegetarian for 6 months and. Been on and off with my multivitamins and minerals(a week a least in between taking them). However my blood test showed mored than double the average for my thyroid and the sheet given. To me by my. Dr says I have pt with raised t4and t3 .I'm have been instructed to take another blood test (for tpo (thyroid) antibody (MCHT))and TRAB TSH Receptor antibody))then to see the endocrinologist,. I'm just hoping there was a mix up ( My mum had her blood sample mixed up when she was pregnant with me.)and that the second blood test will show this. Pleas advise. Sorry for the long message

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  • I would read up on how the thyroid works, symptoms of hyper and hypo and Graves' disease - Wikipedia is quite good. What's important is to understand what the TSH, T4 and T3 readings mean and their ranges and when you get treated what these readings are when you feel good, as a slight variation can lead to you feeling tired and unwell. Once you have read up, ask the Endo to explain everything too and ask him questions as once you are stable you probably won't get to see an Endo again

  • Hi Make sure you make a list for yourself only as a reminder with all the symptoms. A good endo should automatically test TSH, T4 and Free T3, vit D( hormonal) and all the related things, eg B12 + Foliates ( autoimmune and hormonal) needs to be well in range, Ion/ferritin clearly in range,Diabetes, autoimmune and hormonal. Also any thing else they will feel of benefit, often a FBC ( full blood count) etc. Be sure to ask for you to be sent a copy of blood results + ranges, they are different at different labs. If you do not eceive them, likely, ask the secretary for them. You are entitled to them your blood.Best wishes,


    PS sounds a good GP

  • Hi Again, Just a thought, you say new so not sure if you know to reply to a specific post click on button immediately under that post.


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