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Recommendation for non-fluoride product for super-sensitive teeth?

Is there anything out there i can use please? My enamel is worn away as a result of years of undiagnosed coeliac, and i haven't been able to eat on one side for years. I recently had the area filled - even tho it wasnt decayed as such, but unfortunately this has done nothing for it

If the top teeth make contact with the sensitive lower tooth, it's like an electrical shock, likewise when i accidentally chew on it

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I use AloeDent by Optima - I think there is a version for sensitive teeth but I use the Whitening one. I buy it from an independent health food shop but you could try a high street one?

Hope this is of use!



have you read the post about coconut oil and teeth cleaning? Not tried it yet but info on web looks interesting, one warmed tbsp of pure coconut oil swished in mouth for up to 20 mins.... might be worth it as very gentle on you and lethal on nasty bugs....


I use aloe dent too, which i like, but in the case of sensitivity I dont know sorry xo


Thanks all, will follow up on the coconut oil


Hanover health in edinburgh or other health stores sell a non fluoride toothpaste




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