Any connection between Thyroxine causing Sensitive teeth?


Following a TT for ThyCa 8 weeks ago i have been on 150mcg of Levo daily. i take it last thing at night.

I have been doing really well on it so far but have noticed increased sensitivity in my teeth over the last couple of weeks. To the point that some of my teeth hurt when I eat something sweet. I do have fillings and it is actually these teeth that seem to be affected. It may just be that I need a visit to the dentist as its been about 6 months but i also thought it a little odd as several teeth are acting up - not just one - which is usually the case.

Any connection do you think?



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Hi Melissa, dental check is a good idea. Hypothyroidism can cause mouth ulcers and gum sensitivity so it may be sore gums rather than teeth causing problems.

I don't know the exact cause but I began having nerve pain which the physiatrist called a neuropathy. Hypothyroidism is the second largest cause with diabetes the first cause of majority of cases. I thought it was a dental problem but as you said a number of teeth are involved which points to another cause.

I have found that Gaba has alleviated it quite a bit. This supplement calms overactive neurotransmitters. It also affected my toes. B vitamins are essential as well.

I have the same but hsd RAI and it caused perm. Dry mouth, which puts teeth at risk, my advice, get presciption strength floride toothpaste and alt with sensetive toothpaste, it helps

I really wouldn't recommend fluoride, it's a neurotoxin and can do all sorts of horrible things to you. Don't we have enough problems without that! lol

thevoice, my surgeon recommended Bioxtra gel for intermittent night time dry mouth I get post RAI. Tastes ok and does the trick. :)

Thanks for all the replies. I;m at the hospital on wednesday and will be having my first blood test since my TT so I shall see what the endo thinks. It may be that things need tweaking a bit.

Booked a dentist appt. too as i have neglected my teeth over the last year with all this Thyroid Cancer drama taking precedent!


Melissa, ThyCa drama meant I neglected teeth, smears and mammograms etc. I could only cope with one thing at a time. Teeth came through well and I'm hoping the other things will too. Good luck with both.

I agree with Heloise. Along that same line it might be clenching or grinding your teeth in your sleep. Your teeth actually sit in a pocket that has fibers to connect the teeth to the gums. This allows the teeth to move slightly when we chew, reducing impact. When we clench or grind we are pushing the teeth up and down in the socket and the nerves can get very sensitive. Do you wake up with sore jaws or headaches? If it is clenching or grinding an anti-inflammatory medicine and a mouth guard that you would wear at night would be helpful to interrupt the process and the sensitivity should settle down.

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