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Judging B12 levels and thyroid uptake -a little merry go round!

Hi Everyone.

Thanks to all the support on here I have been doing much better of late.

However I do have a little problem. Mines a bit of protracted story (who's isn't!) so briefly after a fair few years I found that NDT (Erfa) alongside taking part of my Erfa daily dose in the early hours to take advantage of the circadium rhythm. was the way forward for me.... I seemed to bounce back into much better health.

however a year or so later I went down hill and felt really ill once more. the answer turned out to be b12 deficiency -so once taking b12 sublingually -1000mcg daily after a couple of months I felt heaps better. In fact so well that I had to drop my Erfa dose! (unhead of for me!). So once on up to 6 grains of Erfa I dropped to a very normal 4 grains -wonderful! Sorted!!!

And all was well for sometime to come.

Oh but why is it with this wretched hypothyroidism there is always another bump round the corner....and so it was that I found that although I had dropped my dose my fingernails at the end starting lifting -a sure sign of over doing the thuroid meds. So I dropped the meds again -this time setting on 3 1/2 grains Erfa -and all seemed well for a while.

But then as seems to be the case with me I realised that I was falling asleep and feeling tired , putting on weight.....light bulb! I need to increase my thyroid up they went. Over a couple of months I gradually increased and am now back on 4 1/2 grains.....grrrrr

Still not feeling too bright I decided to increase my B12 dose -I doubled it to 2000mcg of b12 perday -and hey presto a month later am feeling better again.

So it would seem for me that B12 is playing a bit of a key part. Now does this mean that my ability to absorb B12 is diminishing hence the need for higher dose?

Can't do a B12 blood test as my supplements would skew the results now. So I am wondering if that in a little while if I will need to drop the dose of Erfa.....and onto the merry go round I go! .lets hope I don't have to increase the B12 anymore.

Anyone else out there had this experience?

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Hi An enigma. I have a few suggestions. Any chance of having the better B123 injections? Are you sure your iron?ferritin is OK. Have you had a recent diabetes test, type 2 is autoimmune and hormonal. Worst of anything for causing sleepiness and cold. Weight is immaterial.You really need the Hb1Ac test for that, glucose in addition if possible. Have you had your T4 and FT3 TSH tested recently. I was on a lot of armour years ago, then T3 came along. I was able to reduce my armour considerably and have a little T3, bloods better and like a miracle for my symptoms. Unfortunately it does make my already immeasurable TSH worse but that is best for me. I do have lot of bloods to be sure my FT3 is near the top of range but not over.

I hope this gives you some ideas.



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