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T3 and Thyroxine Question

I have always had a low t4 and also t3. Been through years of investigations and blood tests and even had the thyroid mafia dr's trying to say I didn't need 'any' thyroid meds and they were responsible for my abnormal alp's etc. They kept me off it for 5 months, whilst I really suffered. Also been though Dr Peatfield and the low cortisol problem - which was dealt with. Anyway been back on 20mcg T3 and 25mcg Thyroxine a day. Now for the past 5-6 months. Still feel tired and my recent blood tests were. tsh 0.02 (range 0.35 -5.5 and t4 9.0 (range 9.0- 24). What I want to ask is: do I need to increase my t3 or t4 . I have been trying to do a bit more exercise of late and wondered if that may be increasing my need for a bit more of something :)

Thanks you ..

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Well, your FT4 is barely in range but since you take T3, it may not matter so much. You really need to find out what your FT3 level is. Also is your cortisol sorted out for sure?


...maybe worth giving Dr P's clinic a ring and if you are unable to speak to him personally, the lady there has amazing knowledge. she will listen - speak to Dr P and get back to you. As you have been a patient of his then the support continues.....


I too have battled for years with the same problem. The Drs are all too busy looking at the TSH and just dont have any idea that this itself is not right, and that the problem lies with the pituitary not responding properly. We have the same problem in our family with seven family members all having a low TSH reading. No doctor has ever acknowledged this problem.

As your TSH is so low taking T4 is actually working against the T3 and stopping it working. A low TSH pushes the conversion of T4 to Reverse T3 which blocks the T3 and stops it working. You need to stop taking all T4 and take just T3. I nearly died because of this problem but since I have been taking just T3 my life has been transformed and even some of my dementia symptoms have moderated! Try reading Paul Robinson's book about T3, its a mine of information.

Good luck,



I think this is a common experience with Levo. I'm hoping a 2 month trial can be reversed soon, with or without T3 being tried!


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