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Warm Home Discount Scheme £135 off your electricity bill this winter... could you be eligible?

The Warm Home Discount Scheme is mainly available to pensioners who get a form of Pension Credit. But, some - not all - suppliers also give it to a "broader group" including those on certain benefits and people on low income who have an illness.

It's worth checking out. I just qualified under the broader group with Sainsbury's Energy (part of British Gas)

This is the first time I've qualified as I used to be with a different energy provider who had different rules for their "broader group". I'm a happy bunny this year, maybe you could be too?

Totoro x

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Thanks, Totoro, I have a 100+ years old mother who might benefit from this info., I knew nothing about it before your welcome post.


Did you qualify because of your thyroid condition? Having read the criteria there is a possibility that I could receive this but only if hypothyroidism is taken into account!!


It depends on your energy provider, this one does say if you have an income below that threshold and you have an illness. They don't specify what illness it has to be, so you may well qualify. Just tell them what hypothyroidism is and how it affects you. Other energy providers have different criteria.

I phoned up to ask how to apply for it and they transferred me to the department that deals with it. The woman was very nice and took my details and did the application over the phone. With the information I'd given her the "computer said yes". She said I would get a letter and a percentage of people would be asked for documentary evidence of the details given. But only some people did (sounded like they just randomly selected some people to do checks but not everyone because that saves money) and not to worry if I was or wasn't asked for evidence as this was normal. The £135 would be put onto my electricity account some time this winter.

I'm on EASA until Spring, so I likely qualified with that. But I would give it a go, they can only say no. £135 is a nice chunk of money, especially with gas and elec prices always going up. We hypos need to be as warm as we can!

Best of Luck,

Totoro x


Very interesting info thank you.


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