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bloods say abnormal but doctor laughed when asked am i anaemic ?? am i anaemic can you help me ????

b12 ...... 254pg/ml..(191-663)...............folate 6.6ng ml (4.6-18.7)..................ferritin 35ng/ml (13-150) that is what came back abnormal but doctor laughed at suggestion of anaemia , on 75 levo , feel awful very depressed and tired, told him had read on this site that meds cannot be absorbed at that levels, he said to stay off internet and i have too much time on my hands,,,,, left feeling very stupid and upset, please does any one understand these results? i am under active

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Well, if our doctors want to stay ignorant and we want to get well, it comes as a surprise to learn that they are intent on keeping us 'within range', despite the fact that our result is at the lower end. We should aim to be at the higher end. That's why the internet is invaluable for some things.

Someone will reply re your other blood tests better than I can but your B12 is too low to start with and you can buy sublingual B12 methylcobalamin from Amazon. You cannot overdose as excess is excreted through urine. Please note it must be methlcobalamin and no cyanocobalamin.

If you have recent thyroid gland blood test results post them on a new question for someone to comment, complete with the ranges. If not, ask for another blood test.


You can contact Dr Chandy and the support group for advice (5 to 10 days for a reply):

email address:



I get so mad when i read posts like this. Who the hell do these arrogant doctors think they are?

For years and years my ferritin was around 20 and my useless nhs gp told me it was 'normal'. Well, for optimal thyroid health and hair growth, etc you need a ferritin of 90.

I struggled to get mine up despite a hefty dose of iron daily since 2007. Once i stopped eating gluten (after the nhs also told me i didnt have coeliac, which i do have) my absorption increased and my levels are going up.

NHS also told me my b12 was normal when i had pernicious anaemia.

The best thing you can do for yourself it take control like many others have. I now manage my own health. My nhs gp is so ignorant she had to ask me what the half life of t3 is.

You can buy 200mg ferrous sulphate online yourself for a few quid, so buy it and start taking it. One or 2 a day

I suggest you change NHS GPs , though i changed 3 x and they were all crap.

I now see a private gp as and when i can afford. I get additional b12 amps from him since my nhs gp thinks i need only 1 shot every 3 months. I refuse to be rationed. I inject every few weeks and it helps. I alternate with hyrdoxycobalamin and cyanocobalamin depending on what i can get. You don't need a script for these things in Thailand or South Africa

Get tested for pernicious anaemia. If you are lucky enough not to have it, get a decent source of b12 anyway.

You may need to adjust your levo also - a different doc might allow you a trial increase. Your gp sounds as ignorant as mine - who kept me on highly elevated tsh levels for years and told me my results were normal. Now i self medicate with NDT and am going from strength to strength

Do not allow ignorant, arrogant NHS gps to make you feel stupid. You are not stupid, you - like so many- are having to try and figure out what to do to help yourself - because you absolutely cannot rely on nhs gps to support you.

I'm surprised you didnt get told you are depressed and fobbed off with anti depressants - because NHS gps get extra funding points if you have mental health issues.

Rant over.


thank you for your help, yes i have been offered anti depressants many times, why do doctors treat us like this ????


wow-is that rue that NHS gps get extra funding points if they have a patient with mental health issues?



If you scroll down until you reach the various sections which list various conditions and the 'points' they earn, you will see that Hypothyroidism (p 87) earns a measly 7 points. Depression (p 18), on the other hand, earns him 21 points and 10 for each review.

And what do points mean - ?


seems BMW sports cars are quite popular - oops!

....and don't forget the 'depression ever' category

....and you can type in your local surgery here (in the organisation search box).


I found out about this last year and posted at the time. Hadn't been to docs for many years and had no choice when I got a kidney infection. The doctor almost scrambled over his desk and said now I've for you here let's do some checks. Blood pressure weight etc then sent me off round to nurse for more. By the time they finished they had me down as asthmatic, COPD (ex smoker) high blood pressure and not a mention of the word thyroid except blood test forms. No treatment offered for anything except infection just let's see how it goes. It was like a whirlwind.

The behaviour was so odd it got me thinking and then I found the quality framework. The data return the GPs have to make was due in two weeks.

Didn't hear a dicky bird from them even when my thyroid results came back abnormal clearly showing hypo. Just as well I asked for printouts.

I decided to increase my dose, breathing improved and puffiness disappeared so did the repeated urine infections. No blood pressure problems after checking regularly with my daughters home monitor.

I heard from them a year later to come in for a health check - just as their return is due. Do points make prizes - oh yes they do.

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i believe everything you say, , read my new post,even with abnormal results no doctor would listen to me but i took advice and complained, keep pushing flu jab as well, must be double points


I use B12 patches bought on amazon, and find them good. I don't know whether they are methyl or cyano but they seem to work. I also take 'Now B12 energy ' powder from iherb, mixing it into a smoothy in the mornings. What is your vitamin D like, see if the gp will test it for you - if not, you can buy a nhs test kit from Birmingham hospital for around £25. Try and get to the top of the nhs range for B12 and vit D, and around 90 for ferritin. If you decided to supplement with vitamin D go carefully and take magnesium as a companion supplement.


thank you for your help i will look into these


Hi Fennel, thats interesting about Vitamin D. Have been taking Vitamin D with K2, thought that was the right thing to do. Should I drop the K2 in favour of magnesium and how much. Thanks,


K2 is good with D3 as it stops calcium heading for the arteries!

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Thanks Tegz, I am at least doing something right. what is the magnesium connection with Vit D3?


here is some information, hope it helps


Have you thought of making a formal complaint about him to the Practice Manager? One way to get rid of that smirk on his face.

In the letter you need to state that he's done nothing to help you regain your health. Seems to be that letter-writing springs them into action cos they'll be worried about their Revalidation.

It really isn't acceptable being treated in that manner.


Outrageous - and very typical patronising!! Only they are allowed to know anything apparently (why else did they spend so much time and money studying?).

I get this type of response every time I mention any information about this, or any other condition, too.

I have decided that the very next time it happens - I shall say`don`t be so patronising please! I can read Pub. Med. and BMJ just as easily as you can.

that might shut them up - you never know.

Good luck with feeling better



Do you have test results for thyroid? You may just be underactive and need an increase of thyroxine. 75mcg is a low dose. Other posts are good and it is right to sort any deficiencies and get vitamins and minerals optimal. However, you will still be ill if your thyroid is not being managed properly although the vitamins may help that.

If you have thyroid results, can you post them and someone may be able to advise you.

Onto your GP:

Do you know what? How dare anyone treat you in such a bad mannered way? It doesn't matter who they are - you should be treated with respect. Any doctor that laughs at me will be told politely but firmly that my health is not a laughing matter to me and I would ask you to treat me with respect and I will do the same for you. Too many of them are control freaks, or worse bullies.

They are there to provide us with a service and if they don't do that properly we have every right to question that or find someone else. We would do that in every other walk of life. I used to be in bits every time I had to deal with GPs but they went a step too far and now I take no nonsense from any of them including professors and consultants. It is very empowering and they know I can't be bullied or fobbed off. It still doesn’t sort the ignorance and incompetence unfortunately.

Good luck and fight for the treatment you deserve.


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