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I'm trying to reduce my exposure to toxic products/endocrine disrupters so have stopped using plastic bottles, added a filter to my shower, started using faith in nature shampoos, and made my own vinegar based concoction for cleaning the house! I wondered if anyone had any recommendations for non toxic :

-Dishwasher tabs (or failing that washing up liquid!)

-Face make up (foundation). I tried benecos and it was sticky and horrible, causing immediate break outs!

Any other product recommendations or recipes for household and cosmetic goods without bpa, phthalates, fragrance, PEG etc would also be appreciated.


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  • Ecover do a good range of eco friendly household products and they are usually available in supermarkets.

    I like Jason tea tree shower gel and aloe vera lotion. Found them great for my sensitive skin

  • Thanks Sausage dog! I've just been to Lanzarote I should have got some aloe Vera- was for sale eveywhere!

  • most vital thing is to ensure not one piece of cookware is aluminium or non stick coated

    this includes using sliw cookers,george foreman grills etc and foil

    use only stainless steel or glass or cast iron

  • Thanks. I have got some of the new ceramic coated pans as alternative to non stick. As far as you know are these safe?

  • NO they are not

    because the ceramic has simply been coated onto aluminium bases

    heat aluminium and it forms a kind of radiation that goes through ceramic etc and affects the food and your body

    i repeated use only stainless steel or glass or true cast iron

    do not use slow cookers ,or anything with a hidden element like electric coffee makers,yoghurt makers because 10 to 1 they too are aluminium

  • And I keep asking you for any information whatsoever about this radiation you have posted about.

    What sort of raditaion is it?

    What temperature does it get emitted at?

    If what you assert has some basis in reality, we need to know more. As you are the only person I have seen post about it, you are the only person I know to ask.

  • i can only tell you what i know happens

    theres loads of info on the web about aluminium poisoning and aluminium allergy

    i was poisoned by the use of aluminium pans and spent 2 years totally crippled up in a wheelchair over 30 yrs ago with a cross between rheumatoid arthritis and alzheimers until i was lucky enough to find a homeopath who in 10 mins flat spotted every symptom took 9 months to restore me to health but to this day i have to strictly avoid any contact with food cooked in any form of aluminium including slow cookers ,electric yoghurt makers etc and the only explanation i have ever found is that heating aluminium forms a kind of radiation that is able to penetrate through the glass or ceramic dish in slow cookers etc

    research in Shri Lanka showed that flouride/ non stick coating causes the body to absorb aluminium from the pans at 100 times the rate

    if i come across a research paper link i will post it but all i can tell anyone is what i experience if i ever dare to eat anything cooked in or near aluminium ...its just the same as those who are affected by levo or t3 or chemical smells all they know is the appalling symptoms they suffer which simply do not occur if they avoid such things

    i have helped many people recover their health from spurious diagnosis of " its neurologic or its phychological " having been abandoned by their doctors

    even my very old GP 50 yrs ago said Aluminium is no good to anyone at the time i thought he was crazy but clearly he was correct

  • There is loads about aluminium poisoning.

    That was not what I asked about. I asked specifically about this unidentified radiation you tell us about. I certainly have found nothing which corresponds to your description in any way.

    Please let us know more. If it is so important, isn't it only fair to help us all avoid it? We need to understand in order to avoid.

    Perhpas we all need to put our tin foil[1] hats on to prectect ourselves from this radiation?

    [ [1] Tin foil being a colloquial term for aluminium foil. ]

  • Helvella ...i have already told you if i find a research paper on it i will post it

    meanwhile all i can tell you is how i am affected and since it happens when using slow cookers or ovens with aluminium fans etc the only explanation for aluminium "effects " is heating aluminium forms a kind of radiation .....i have no idea whether a geiger counter would detect it ....sadly no scientist so far truly wants to research the effects of aluminium or foil and since they have not found a way to " tag " it so they can trace its way around the body including crossing the blood brain barrier i have no idea when proof of what i experience will emerge meanwhile i and others who stear clear of it are simply grateful to enjoy good health

    The autopsy done on a Camelford victim by a neurologist in Oxford makes damming reading of the effects of aluminium just as what has happened to those who suffered the Camelford incident

  • you might also wonder why those affected by aluminium cannot be in a room where aluminium based paints have been used on radiators,oil filled free standing radiators are used ( the actual radiator body is aluminium ) foil pasted on the wall behind radiators

    Its not physchological that i can assure you it takes a lot of detective work sometimes to fathom why someone gets horrendous symotoms when they eat certain things or go into certain heated rooms

    Majority of food manufacturers factories are 100% aluminium lines, vinegar is heavy in aluminium even Balsamic vinegar,soya,coffee creamers baking powder in USA all Australian water is treated with Flouride

    Most restuarants only have aluminium cookware

  • reallyfedup123 can you recommend a good cast iron frying pan? Or anybody else for that matter? I want to stop using a non stick pan. I've actually also got a Green Pan. Is that any good?

  • i have never seen a green pan so no idea what its made of ...i have 2 very heavy base stainless steel frypans and a cast iron griddle pan i got from sainsburys which is superb for bacon,chops,beefbugers ,steak etc as the fat and juices drain off the meat

    Le creuset cast iron is good and so are sainsburys own cast iron ones

  • Its similar to this:

    Apparently contains no PFOA, Lead or Cadmium. I've just ordered a Lodge cast iron griddle pan from Amazon.

  • its description tells you is aluminium based and like i said heat aluminium even under ceramic and the effect of aluminium is still transfered to the food

    they will try every trick in the book to sell aluminium disguised as "ceramic " or green

  • Oh no I had no idea 😫 hopefully my cast iron pan will arrive soon. Thanks for the heads up reallyfedup123.

  • Sainsbury's sometimes do offers on their cast iron ones too so will keep a look out. Have stopped using aluminium foil anyway as that's so bad for you. I've been struggling to find the 'bpa free' cans all the experts talk about eg for tinned salmon, but I guess these are aluminium based too anyway? Do you avoid all tinned food?

  • i avoid absolutely anything thats been through food processing factories

    theres the odd thing that is ok like stonebaked pizza, ragu sauces,hp fruit sauce ,colmans horseradish or mint sauce neat i do not add vinegar though

    but its very much only 1 thing in a day as that wont push my tolerance systems otherwise everything starts as totally fresh ingredients

  • Fab thanks! Nellie's dishwasher powder could be a good one to try.

    Some good recipes there too. My vinegar cleaning solution has sent my partner into coughing fits so may have to dilute even more or try another option! Found a recipe that included citrus peel to take off the vinegar edge but it's still affecting him so will look at other options.

  • Hi - I'm trying to do this too. I've been using Surcare washing up liquid and clothes detergent and Ecover fabric conditioner, all fragrance free. I've also recently found the 'Pure' toiletries range in Waitrose which is much cheaper than Faith in Nature etc and fragrance free, no sulphates etc.

    I am finding makeup a struggle. I'm using an Origins mascara, Dr Hauschka lipstick and bare minerals foundation, which all seem a bit better but not perfect. I'm not ready yet to go bare faced for my health - let me know if you find anything good please!

    I bought some good bpa tupperware in tkmaxx recently. Always use a bpa free travel mug as I believe the plastic cups / lids in coffee shops are a no-no.

    Lastly I've given up chemical sunscreen and just use mineral ones now - lovely deathly white sheen!!

    Good luck!

  • Thanks. I didn't realise surcare did clothes washing stuff too- will look out for it.

    The lipstick and eye make up I use is Ere Perez - has been really good but is expensive so that was my xmas present! It seems Australia is further ahead with organic makeup than we are- will look for bare minerals though. I found some great organic sun screen by 'green people' and recommend that if you ever want a change. I don't think you can get a healthy version of anti mosquito spray though so last holiday I was bitten all over!!

    Thanks for the tip re Waitrose, will def buy some when my faith in nature run out.

  • Great....thanks for those tips, I'll check them out. Best of luck with it all.

  • Fluoride free toothpaste is worth considering too.

  • Thanks SlowDragon, yes I use Kingfisher mint fluoride free and no problems so far. Although their fluoride version is v similar packaging and I bought it once by mistake!


    Some helpful products - and you can sign up for their Newsletter :-)

  • Thanks Marz, have signed up! Always good to save a few pennies as much as I like to support my local healthstore it's all so costly. Have you found anywhere for discounted supplements?

  • I live in Crete so buy on-line as the ones here are expensive. Amazon is a good place to start looking. I feel the better quality ones are more expensive - cheap ones have less active ingredients in many cases ....

  • Thanks Marz

  • Having run our of dishwasher tablets I ran a wash with no tablets and much to my surprise it came out perfect.

    Might be worth a try.

    There is also a ball my daughter got from Austraila for clothes washing, you use no powder or fabric conditioner. I find It excellent, but only when clothes can be hung outside.

    Good luck

  • Wow that's a really good tip, thanks! I can imagine that working well if you switch it on quite soon after filling it.

  • Organic Rosehip Oil for face - start off sparing and work up to the right amount / frequency. It is particularly good for acne breakouts, dry patches and dermatitis.. my skin gets worse during winter and this oil's very good.

  • Thank you, hadn't heard of that. My skin is combination and have found 'Bella B' foaming face wash the best so far- only use a tiny bit though at night. In general for hand washing I just rely on hot water and try to avoid products as much as poss, but can see how oils can bring some protection to the skin too.

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